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Monday Night Football & Sunday Night Football?

Does anyone else find the coverage on MNF & Sunday night to be really annoying?

Sunday night is cool because of John Madden, but the pre-game/half time shows are brutal, I can't stand Bob Costas, he and the other guys on there are like big geeks trying to talk about sports, what a bore!

ESPN overkills MNF with that stupid little count down timer like 24 hours before the game starts, "is it monday yet" GEEZ! and they're commentators blow, I cannot listen to these idiots go on and on,....they had two terrible games on opening night and last night's game sucked big time....can this get any worse

What are your likes and dislikes about the two night games, what changes would you make if you were in control?

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    I was watching that game last night, I'm a Skins fan so it was a great game. But still I kept saying...Kornheiser, STFU! He's annoying, he's a good newspaper writer and good on PTI, but he should not be in that booth. Jaws, is really no different than Theisman was, neither's that great. Basically they just need to talk about football. Al Michaels is a pro of course and Madden is just a character, he's annoying but laughing at what he says is a side game sometimes and they at least talk about football more. This was Madden Sat. night. Pats v. Chargers...."Did you know if you want to go to the middle you have to block Merriman?" Really? No Sh*t?

    Source(s): I think MNF should go to Mike & Mike & Mike (Greenberg, Golic, Ditka)
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    ESPN coverage of MNF is terrible. Tony Kornheiser has got to go. Joe Theisman was a gasbag, but at least he knew something about football. Stuart Scott is a circus clown. I feel bad for Tirico and Jaws. And what's up with Emmit Smith? He's downright embarrssing,being unable to speak in complete sentences. Chris Berman adds nothing, his schitk wore off long ago.

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    I personally think Sunday Night football sucks completely. Maddens commentary is the art of being Mr. Obvious, if you actually listen to what the guy says 50-75% of the statements are just dumb (just obvious even to a non-fan, or they don't make sense). I liked the Mike, Mike, and Mike commentary on the 2nd game last week. Commentary on the normal schedules is ok, but it all is better than SNF.

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    NO, But I find it Boring, rarely if ever they're something Good last Sunday withe Cowboys actually winning and the Giants comeback fell short otherwise all the Games NBC is Covering will be Blow out victories by teams like the Patriots and Colts, so I can watch more Entertaining on CBS or FOX rather then NBC.

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    Sunday Night I like Al Micheals. Madden just mumbles. I like the guy, great coach but not good for calling games.

    ESPN has ruined MNF. All the commentators need to go. Jaws is just god for pre and post game. Kornhieser or however you spell is name sucks. He needs to go back to PTI. The other guy is allright.

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    I agree, Monday Night is awful, I did, however, like the 2nd game with Mike & Mike calling the plays. I can't stand Tirico or Jaws and I like Kornheiser on PTI but not in the booth. Last year he didn't seem to know what to say and looked lost, this year he is making up for it by never shutting up or making stupid comments.

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    I like Sunday night better with Al Michaels & John Madden alot better than MNF.

    John Madden never tells you anything new, which is fine.

    I'd rather listen to him any day then ANY ESPN ANOUNCERS. They are absolutely horrendous.

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    I will tell you one thing my friend, I can't stand Monday Night on ESPN. I wish they would throw Jaworski off of a cliff. The sound of his voice makes me cringe. He's such a rambling idiot! I agree with you on Madden and Al, they're worth listening to on Sunday.

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    yeah sunday nights are a bore and I find myself muting the tv and just watching the game while listening to music. I have to admitt I do like the monday night crew, they are exciting and funny to listen to, but not the best commentators. I think Charles Barkley was doing a better job last night then the others.

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    i miss the old MNF...i dont mind the SNF, the halftime report sucks...but you can always change the channel during cant watch the entire game on mute when youre watching MNF...i wish you could change commentators to ones that you like

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