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Do you think it is better to send robots to Mars than to send humans?

Robots have such a one track mind that when they encounter a problem that they aren't programed for they just stare off into space, humans are the better choice in my opinion.

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    It's certainly less expensive (since you don't need to worry about life support). But, as you say, robots are pretty inflexible. And there's an intangible 'something' about having an actual person there.


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    You obviously don't know much about the robots currently on Mars! They have a lot of built-in flexibility, and have been reprogrammed several times to deal with new situations, such as the long trek Spirit made to the Columbia Hills. I strongly recommend that you read Steve Squires' book Roving Mars, before you make such sweeping statements about the Rovers!

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    From almost all economical and technical points of view, robots would be better. They can be designed for the martian environment, won't need feeding on the journey out, can be programmed with considerable intelligence, and can be re-programmed by radio. Also, if they cease functioning, it's less of an emotional issue.

    But humans are better because we are human. We want to feel that we have been on some other planet. We want to feel that the universe is ours. And yes, there are types of thinking and problem solving that we can do better that machines, if we are there on the ground.

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    In some sense I believe robots are more capable then humans. One reason is because of the danger involved, another is that they are more able to carry out a project without running much of a risk of making a mistake.

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    yes. we are not totally aware of the weather conditions in mars. most important is that humans as they require oxygen and water they wont able survive for three to four hours(they cannot carry so much of these supplies in the ship). robots having this as plus point can roam about whole of mars , send us pictures and help us study it sitting on earth itself

    i guess there can be no problem on a deserted planet

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    Considering the deadly atmosphere, I'd have to say yes. Personally, I think such projects are a huge waste of money that would be much better spent on health care or education or helping the homeless.

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    yes. not as fun, though

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