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Dana1981 asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 1 decade ago

Do you get tired of the ignorance of global warming deniers?

I've rolled my eyes at the ignorance of global warming denier "questions" so many times today that I'm getting eye strain!;_ylt=AhEU1...;_ylt=AkEB9...;_ylt=AllVY...;_ylt=Auro6...;_ylt=AvhYs...

Are GW skeptics and deniers even capable of making a scientific argument anymore?

Why do people form an unshakable belief about a scientfic issue based on virtually no scientific information?

Do you ever feel like we'd be better off if certain people were tossed into a big meat grinder? Maybe we could make some jello out of them.


Cyber - thank you for proving my point. You are exactly who I'm talking about. Not a single correct point in that rant.

Try relying a little less on 'common sense' and a little more on doing some freaking research and learning something.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I've BEEN tired of it. The only reason I ever respond to their itiotic posts is to counter the lies andhalf-truths--there's a lot of young people out there who are honestly trying to learn what's really going on.

    BTW--I can't prove this--but I've noticed some patterns in the "deniers'"posts. I think some of them are coming from propagandists working for some of these fake organizations set up by the oil companies and/or other special interests.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's very similar to the way the "Church" suppressed the knowledge that Copernicus discovered about the Sun and the Earth. Ignorance is crucial for blind obedience of the masses! The real reason there are so much uproar from the righties is because global climate change is an issue that threatens to bring us together as a nation and as humans. The wedge issues seem trivial and meaningless in the face of extintion of the human race! So the more they can confuse and discredit,the less the truth gets out. But Nature isn't fooled by their lies and deceptions! We are already seeing the effects of climate change! What the righties don't want is all of us being aware of the extent of the problem. When all of us realize that we are on a tiny wet rock,spinning through space,alone in the Universe,then we will see a real change in how we deal with the problems of pollution!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You know what it really is, since we have begun to feel the effects of global warming, those "deniers" for the most part either staunchly decided that global warming is not real at all, or they know that it's real but refuse to accept the reality of it.

    In a lot of ways, this problem has been exaggerated by the consumer culture that we have built in our world that so many of us have become too reliant on to fulfill our needs. In fact, I feel the real problem with global warming deniers is that they are under the impression that they have to make "too many sacrifices" to their lifestyle for the chance of curtailing the problem. This may also be the reason why some have also concluded that global warming is a natural phenomenon that humans cannot help. Although natural history shows that to be true, the scientific evidence has been conclusive for some time that our industrialization has created the problem.

    There are changes that must be made to the way we live if this problem is going to be dealt with. We need to wake up to the reality that this is a real problem (in fact the Northwest Passage of the Arctic has opened) and do something about it. Don't let global warming be yet another problem where we only want to make changes once it's already too late, destruction is happening NOW.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    John Stewart rocks. That show was funny, but it would be funnier if it wasn't so sad that people fall for illogical arguments that have no factual support (denial of climate change). I've had to separate myself from the Republican Party since it's become the party for easily led, anti-intellectual dingbats (Palin being indicative of the depths to which the party has sunk). The country needs a strong second party so people have some alternative on every issue. In choosing the path of ignorance and extreme future damage and suffering for Americans and mankind, the Republican Party simply isn't living up to that critical role at the moment. It has become irrelevant and obsolete (except to the extent that people who eagerly consume disinformation exist, and that's downright scary).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What's really disturbing is that anyone who questions the scientific method of those who blame mankind for global warming are called "deniers".

    It really supports the concept that these people are really religious fanatics, EnviroFundamentalists, and anyone who questions their doctrine is somehow to be forced into submisssion, to confess their sins and accept the gospel that has been declared by some very biased scientists.

    Unless we accept that "the debate is over", we are declared to be heretics and "deniers".

    I began with an open mind, and it is certainly clear that the world IS indeed in a warming cycle. But it's not the first time this has ever happened in history, and there is far more SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that this is a natural cycle of the climate, triggered by multiple natural phenomena, including the sun and its flare activity and increases in coronal discharges, changes in the earth's magnetic fields (it's about to flip the magnetic north to magnetic south, leaving us exposed to solar radiation damage, as has been DOCUMENTED as happening several times in the past), natural changes in the jet stream, changes in the deep ocean temperatures of the Pacific, changes in the distance of the moon from the earth, etc.

    Add to that recent discoveries, found during the Ocean Genome experiment (trying to map all the DNA of ocean life), that our climate is actually regulated by oceanic BACTERIA who turn CO2 into O2 and clean up natural fossil fuel and sulfuric acids that are belching into the sea every minute from the ocean floor.

    There is so much we do not know about how our climate works, and it is only through religious belief that anyone can declare to know with certainty that the exact cause of all the climatological changes is people of the U.S.A.

    And meanwhile, China is about to surpass the U.S. in its CO2 and other pollutant emissions, and the same "global scientists" don't seem to be concerned about that.

    Sorry, but I get tired of being told I'm a heretic, a denier, and a non-believer, just because I question the motives of people who have a long history of political manipulation of others.

    In fact, I feel smarter for NOT drinking the Kool-Aid.

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  • 1 decade ago

    These are people completely fabricating stories and calling them facts, and then uneducated Hollywood types like Leo DeCrappio, who have more money than brain cells, decide that it's their job to 'educate the masses' about these 'horrible situations' when in fact they are nothing more than a state of fear.

    Remember the cancer causing high power lines? Yah, that was all trumped up beyond belief and now has been proven false, and that's what we have here. Oh, we spent some 25 BILLION dollars on the power line fable.

    "Oh my goodness, how can you say this?" How? Because lets talk about a few things. Volcanic eruptions for one. It has been said that nearly 1000 times the amount of debris and gas is expelled into the atmosphere by ONE volcanic eruption than man has ever done.

    What about swamps? Do you realize that a swamp is a continual festering decomposing gas releaser, and likely releases more gas into the atmosphere than even volcanos do.

    Ask yourself this question. Why do environmental agencies who are supposed to be 'unbiased' have so many lawyers and so few scientists? Why are we trying to force thru legislation, policies that have never been proven at best in theory and worse in application? Don't believe that? Show me one temperature model from the last 20 years that predicted 5 years in advance or more that was even remotely close to correct present day?

    None of them are even close. In fact in the mid 1990's we were talking about how we were moving into another ice age. So now we are to listen to these same so called experts predict Global Warming when they have never been right about temperature prediction models before? Sorry, I'm not going to listen to that sort of crap.

    No one knows if the earth really is warming. If the earth is warming, no one knows if anything we as humans have done has had any substantial contribution whatsoever to the changes in conditions. Any warming may very well be part of a progression of the earth's natural climate pattern over a very long period of time, certainly much longer than human record keeping has taken place.

    This is just another state of fear, where the media gets everyone in an uproar, ignorant actors and musicians and other famous moron types talk out of their behinds without knowing what they are saying, and try to drag the government in to repair a problem that doesn't even exist.

    Source(s): COMMON SENSE
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it gone way past that now

    there appears to be a movement afoot to kill the concept of global warming at all costs


    They say if enough people think the same thing it will become reality so lets hope they really kill it.

    Personally i have grown weary of answering countless similar questions as to whether or not it is real .or defending its existence.

    Now little children are saying that they are scared to die in 4 years,all have new accounts.(mmmm) .

    so i don´t want to scare little children any more-

    You all believe what you want .

    And so will I.

    peace to the world

    but keep your hands of mother Nature

    or I will arouse Pan to stoke your fires

    if it does`nt get hot enough with Global Warming.

    not meaning you Dana

    I know where your sentiments lie

    oops no communication intended

    Jello is not healthy by the way ,it is a chemical product.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Those are more trolls than deniers and every section has them. They're not being serious, they're just trying to cause a stir because they have no lives. Giving them attention just feeds them. That's how we ended up with 50 people named "Ashley" in the V&V section. If you don't want an explosion of this kind of ignorance, it's best to just ignore them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Right. It's amazing that people still deny SGW exist. How can these people without PhD's or degrees go against real scientist who spent their whole life researching Solar Global Warming?

    It should be clear to anyone, now that the consensus of scientist who study SGW believe there can be no longer any doubt the warming is a natural occurrence of the Sun.

    Those denying SGW should be fired from their positions and given jobs as street sweepers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just assume that they are trolls, and give an equally idiotic answer that reflects the ignorance of their question.

    Personally, i feel if they want to live their lives in denial, we should just humor them, and say "there is no global warming, but lets reduce toxic emissions just for the heck of it!"

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  • Tomcat
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Dana, I rather enjoyed seeing you, Keith P and Bob getting your glutumos maxi-mus handed to you all on a silver platter just yesterday, so much so I saved the whole episode, because I figured Bob would delete the question.

    Just In case you would like to reminisce, you can view it all on my blog page titled 9-14-2007

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