council house water pressure?

hi since the council put in gas central heating the water pressure has gone right down, the shower is very slow and the outside tap is not a lot of good.befor they were both very good,can someone give me advice as to how i can raise the water pressure back to how it was.cheers


its a ferroli boiler and the pessure is 1 bar,there is nothing on the cold water pipe going into the boiler but there is a silver coloured tube (about 10" long and about 1" wide) on the hot waterpipe ,a piece was cut out and this silver pipe was put in.

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    if your boiler is a combi-boiler(central heating and hot water)and its anything like mine,a Worcester,then read the instruction book that came with it-but for a quick fix try this-you should have a gauge on the front,showing the system pressure;near it should be a tap to fill the reservoir or accumulator.Under the console,will be a release tap,into which you push a white key,and turn 90 degrees left or right,I dont know what sort of boiler yoy have.Then you slowly open the tap until the pressure reading-the red needle-is just above the grey needle.Shut off the tap,turn the key back the way it came,and pull it out.This should resolve your problem.If it doesn`t,see a qualified plumber.

    Source(s): my next door neighbour did my boiler for me...
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    The cold water should not have been effected by fitting a new boiler Check that all the stop taps are turned back on correctly, if so check that a pressure regulator valve has not been fitted incorrectly (if your water pressure was very high before it possible that the engineer fitted a pressure regulator valve to keep the pressure low on the hot water taps/boiler) it should have only been fitted on the hot water side not the cold ! the valve vairey in shape depending on manufacturer but are usually "T" Shaped with a knob on the end of the t (for adjusting the pressure) if you have got one of these or all the taps are on contact the council and ask them to sort !

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    Turn up the pressure on the internal stop tap, if that doesn't work, turn up the stop tap in the street. If neither works, they have got something stuck in the water pipes, get them back to sort it out in any event.

    Source(s): I am a plumber and heating engineer.
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    like most councils ---they usually put a coin in tube while dis connecting pipes but forget to take out when connecting,results no pressure,call them back out..

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    check that the workmen have fully re-opened your main stopcock.

    as any work they've carried out in your house heating or other wise should not effect the pressure of your cold water......

    unless as i say they haven't re-opened the stopcock fully, also try the one outside.....

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