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How can I convince my mom to get me a '04 Subaru Impreza WRX??

for around 18k

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    get a job

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    First of all your mother should not being buying your car.

    Second your age is a factor to drive the

    Subaru Impreza WRX 2007 model..

    Start with the

    Subaru RX Impreza

    sporty yet this will break you in with driving skills.

    You seem eager and must think when you get behind that wheel there is more than driving fast.

    There are lives to consider.

    If you have driven over 6 years are so maybe

    If this is your first car I would say no as a big sister.

    Remember when folks tell you no it is because they care.

    Drive with care. Follow all laws.

    Question do you slow down before the speed sign or after the speed sign

    Do you tail gate

    Do you do 40 k the whole way through a school zone or speed through half way,,,

    If you answer yes to any of these

    go get drivers lesssons for about 3 years and get a Volkswagon..

    Also your mother has the right to pick out any car she would like

    1. It is her money she has the right to pick and choose

    2. SHe is your Mother

    Mothers Know best.

    You might not see this now as you get older you will

    test drive the Subaru Imprezza RX new model just out this week

    We just bought one and it drives like the WRX

    with so many safety features I would say this car will win all awards hand down this year and about 650k a fill up..

    Smooth and a nice speed not as fast as the WRX but close.

    best of luck

    friendly advice..

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    I am almost 100% sure your mom doesn't want to buy that car because it has a reputation as a fast car and you will be tempted to drive fast and reckless and she will be on the hook for fixing the car.

    You should convince her that you will have fun but be responsible, and I think the best way to do that is for you share the burden of the increased costs associated with owning this car.

    I think the best way to approach this from a cost standpoint. The main costs in owning a car are insurance, the purchase price of the car, maintenance, and fuel.

    If you are able to pay the difference in purchase price and insurance between the 04 WRX and whatever car your mom is willing to purchase, I think that would be a good argument.

    You could also offer to help pay for repairs that come about as a result of abuse (for example, tell your mom you don't expect her to pay for a new transmission if you ruin it by doing 5000rpm clutch dumps).

    If you are helping to make the payments for the car and insurance, and you are responsible for the repairs, then you have an interest in driving responsible (which is what your mom cares about)

    Also, keep in mind that you are very fortunate your mom is willing to purchase a car for you, and also there are other cars that can be had for less money that are almost as fun.

    Some cars that come to mind are the last generation honda prelude and toyota celica. I have seen good quality low mileage examples for less than USD$10,000. Those could be good cars to bring up as a backup plan since they are almost half the cost of that WRX you want.

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    Yeah, everyone here is right. Sorry hate to say it, as I am young too, 25. I drove a Civic for 6 years before I bought my first car, a G35 coupe, and I am glad I did, the lessons and emergency stuff I needed to learn were all done in the Civic before I got my G...I mean lessons like when you get sucked in my a huge truck on the highway going at 120 and your car starts going sideways, you put the car in neutral, turn to the way the car is sliding, etc.

    A WRX STi will burn my G35 coupe, it's faster to 60 by almost a half second.....if I had a G35 coupe when I was 17....**** I might not be alive today.

    Buy a more sensible car please. You'll thank yourself later, trust me. If it's appearance you want, and want to impress your friends. Get a E46 3 series coupe, like a least you won't kill yourself with power.

    I mean, you wouldn't want a relatively new driver behind the wheel of a Maserati Gransport would you? Well guess what, the WRX STi has pretty much the same performance figures.

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    Wow. I would settle if my mom bought me a 89 Tempo. If your young and a new driver. Don't look for my support either. I am a professional driver and there is no way I would give a teen that car unless I wanted them dead. Its a nice car, very powerful and deadly in inexperienced hands. The insurance costs are through the roof in amny areas of the world. Get a nice Scion if you want a sporty car or even a Mustang

    Source(s): 30+ years in the fleet business
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    @ Tyronius... Bro the guy needless to say has a funds and you're telling him to flow purchase a used m3 and with 10 grand he might in straightforward terms be waiting to purchase like a 1998 to 2000 form or w/e... the maintenance and restore and whatnot will wreck his wallet. From those thoughts the WRX is a thank you to flow. Very sturdy, not undesirable on gas, AWD, effectual and it sounds aggressive. It speeds up lots swifter then any motor vehicle in its type. Very very exciting to rigidity.

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    Poor kid ... do what everyone else does at your age .. buy a Hyunda Excel and try to make it look like a Rex by putting a spoiler and bonnet scoop on it and one of those 6" wide exhaust pipes ... oh and don't forget the sub-woofer (doof, doof, doof)

    Threaten her with all that and she might just bend to at least buying you a Subaru and saving you the disgrace of having a "fully schick Hyundai":-)

    Seriously mate - wait for your Rex until you're REALLY ready.

    Source(s): I've had two - about to buy my third and when I was your age I had a Corolla done up to look like .... hell knows what it was meant to be!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ... does mommy still bath you too?

    If your mom buys the car you will have no vested reason too care for this car.. your will run it, trash it, burn the tires and when it breaks as for mommy's help again....

    You can find a nice car for half that price, save on insurance rates etc...

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    I agree with the others - your car, you buy.

    But if you are dead set on getting her blessing for your purchase, the best thing would be to let her drive it. Nothing will demonstrate better how easy to drive, fun to drive, how well it handles, etc.

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    Get a job and buy your own car!

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