How to reflash Samsung D900i imei stating all 0's?

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I bought a samsung d900i from tescos taday on a 02 payg network, i surfed the internet to look for a unlock code so i can use my vodafone sim card (could not get the phone on the more
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OK lads...what you have said is not quite true, of course it is illegal to change the imei number on your phone to a different imei and it does indeed impose a prison sentance but it is not illegal to flash the eeprom reinstating the original imei which is advertised inside the battery compartment or on the box the phone come in.

From what i can gather from the question, you need a flash usb cable that will fit your phone and theres loads of software on the net which is perfectly legal but i wouldnt risk it just in case you do more damage...take it back to tesco's and tell them it's not working and you would like an exchange, the average person behind the counter wont have a clue what the problem is and then learn and take it to a shop o unlock using a clip rather than a code....

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seems to know his onions...cheers
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  • David H answered 7 years ago
    Sorry to say but altering the IMEI on a handset is illegal in the UK so finding anywhere that will be able to reset it back to its previous state is slim. It's precisely this reason why unlock codes should only be requested from the operator the phone is locked to, they may charge you for the code but you know it's from a reliable source and you won't end up with a destroyed handset in the process.
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  • measiam answered 7 years ago
    The software itself is illegal to use in the UK and so is changing a mobiles imei number by whatever means you use. Shops probably wont re flash the eeprom for you as the penalties can even result in a prison sentence, there is software available to do this yourself but you need to give the mobile a new imei number from another genuine working handset. I suggest you leave well alone and put your losses down to experience. The software you used was not the correct software for unlocking a mobile anyway.
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