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will raising the water temprature in a marine fish tank kill white spot?

my local marine shop told me to raise my temp to 30c 85f for around 5 days as white spot cant live at that temp is this true also will the temp kill my corals or fish i have 3 hard corals and 4 soft corals and 3 fish powder blue tang, yellow tang and a clown fish several shrimps, snails, starfish,and a sea urchin and hermit crabs and an some kind of white annemone

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    Yeah i wouldnt go that high with corals in the tank. anything over 82 and the corals will release their zooxanthellae and that will cause more issues than just white spot.

    You should set up a quarentine tank and treat it with methalyne blue and dont have carbon filtration running on the q tank.

    Another thing you can do is take some dechlorinated freshwater, match the pH and temperature to your main tank and give the fish a freshwater dip for 3-5 min. this will kill off the external parasites.

    If one of those shrimp is a skunk stripe cleaner shrimp they will eat the ich parasites off the fish. I wouldnt raise the temp of the tank for that long of a period if you have corals in there. If you choose to use chemicals to kill the parasites i wouldnt use them in a tank with corals or inverts because those chemicals are extremely toxic to corals and inverts.

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    White Spot Marine Fish

  • 4 years ago

    White spot - Ichthyophthirius a deadly fish disease A common but lethal disease The ciliated parasite Ichthyophthirius, more commonly known as white spot or Ich, is a very common fish disease capable of affecting virtually all fish species. Ich has a fairly complex life cycle that has a major bearing on treatment methods. The white spot trophont (photo below) forms a nodule under the skin or gill epithelium. The trophont constantly turns and moves under the skin, feeding on destroyed cells and body fluids. The parasite feeds on body cells until mature and then 'punches' its way out of the skin. It then attaches itself to a plant or some other object and forms a capsules around itself. Inside the capsule, the tomont, as it is now called, repeatedly divides, producing up to 1000 tomites that finally 'hatch' from the capsule and swim to find a fish host. These small tomites are the infective agent. They burrow into the fish's skin and the cycle starts all over again. Clearly, with each turn of the cycle the number of parasites increases dramatically. (When you click on the website it will show you some pictures of fish with it) click on pictures to enlarge them White spot trophonts seen in at low power wet mount of a skin scrape. Note the light horseshoe shaped nucleus and the variation in size Histological preparation of gill tissue with embedded trophonts. Note the distortion to the gill tissue and severe hyperplasia

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    Formaldehype or Formalin is most effective at ridding saltwater fish of common parasitic protozoan Black Spot, and White Spot marine ich infestations, as well as flukes, lice, and fungal diseases that both fresh and saltwater fishes can contract.

    Although a toxic chemical that is hazardous in its pure form, by purchasing and using a standard over-the-counter "formalin" product, typically a 37% solution of formaldehype diluted with water it's rather easy to treat ich diseased fish for salt water.

    Raising the temp will kill the corals, so do not try it.

    Try the below link for more help

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    They should do fine at 85 but no higher. Normally it should be around 82 at the most, but often when they have a disease/illness present- the temperature increase will help.

    Also, you need to do more than just the temperature change. White spot or Ick can quickly kill fish is not corrected properly. Go to PetSmart or another pet store and ask them to show you the treatment they have for it. I bought a anti-parasite fish food for my fish when they had it. They are all fine and healthy now.

    But remeber, Ick is a severe parasite and needs to be treated quickly.

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    raising the temperture speeds up the process of the disease but dont raise it to high to fast i keep my tropical setup at 24c i raised it to 26c for the length of time of the treetment

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    Why don't you ask a marine world or zoo

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