Do you really think your religious beliefs give you the inalienable right to persecute homosexuals?

... just because your religion has persecuted homosexuals in the past and gotten away with it.
Update: Quiet Buck: Religious scripture is a matter of belief it is not a matter of fact.
Update 2: papa G: you contradicted yourself by saying nobody has the right to persecute anyone and then you went right ahead and said deeply hateful things about homosexuals.
Update 3: casey P: celibacy unless because of infirmity is the most unnatural state for anyone to live in, so cold and without physical expression of love that everyone else enjoys and values so highly.
Update 4: kay716: you not only say you know there is a God for sure but that you actually know his likes and dislikes...I doubt that very much and until you have solid evidence for your beliefs it is a little previous to spread hatred of homosexuals by calling them immoral and sinners.
Update 5: Dixie: Human sexual orientation whether gay or straight has no relevant association with people who are blind, anorexic, fat, ugly, suffering from cancer, racist, rapists, aids, murderers, serial killers, child molesters, alcoholics, starving, homeless, drug abusers or why do try to make one?
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