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Help getting a vasectomy please!?

I just got refused by a urologist due to my age. Some guy said to go to a not-for-profit clinic and lie about my age. I forgot who wrote it. What exactly should I say to get one. Will they attempt to verify? Suggestions anyone? I am 25, single, and have no children, but I still want a vasectomy. Spare me the speach, I want a vasectomy.

Do not-for-profit clinics take insurance? I can pay cash, if they do not. If they do, I already have approval from my health insurance comany.

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    I got mine when I was 24/25. That was 10 years ago. I went to a non-profit clinic as well. I filled out some paper, and then met with the councilor. The questions were boilerplate. They just asked if I had all the children I wanted. Do I have a child that is ill? Is my wife having a problem pregnancy? Does she object?

    Being single, all the answers were no. They never asked how many children I had, or anything. They never asked my age. Well, they asked for my birth date.

    They went into a series of medical questions, but nothing that you don’t get asked at the dentists’ office. About a month later I had the surgery. It only took about 20 min.

    Let me warn you. Only women that already have kids are going to date you. Most of the women that will date you are divorced or getting divorced. The singles with no kids, pretty much won’t date you at all.

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    I was in the same situation as you when I was young. I was refused when I was 18. I later got one when I was 21. I went to a small non profit clinic. I told them I had children and they did it with no questions asked. I paid cash. The cost was $250, but that was back in 1989. I hear it will cost about $600 today.

    They can’t legally ask for the consent of your “wife”, but I think it wise to say you are married. They can refuse you based on your answer, but they can’t verify it (HIPPA laws forbid this).

    The law says you must be 18, but any clinic or doctor may refuse you if he or she wishes.

    I never had children and didn’t have any sample frozen. I am now 41, and thank my lucky stars every day that I made the right choice.

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    I had a friend who is married and doesn't want kids, he had to go through allot of paperwork. My suggestion to him is the same to you, find a urologist who will do it. Have a sperm sample taken and stored (just in case you change you mind later - or the lady you are with changes your mind for you).

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    Its your decision, I believe if you look long enough you will find someone willing to do it for you. If not I suppose you could have a woman friend with kids just say she was your wife (bring pictures of kids). My brother had it done he was married, but, young and no kids, he just convinced the doctor that it was his sincere decision to do so. Good luck

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    I would be questioning the audacity of the urologist. There is not any legal age required for such a process. Unless you are under age. .

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    think about it man. your 25 and you want to get it totally snipped. im almost 20 and i have a kid and its the best feeling. And about the insurance im pretty sure they do. i havent been to a place for vasectomies though. but im pretty sure they might.

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    i did it myself, it really easy just get a knife and some thread

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