computer running slow?

windows firewall on, norton anti virus on and all programmes working correctly. i have defragmented the files, done a disk clean up, deleted all unused programmes, deleted unwanted files and removed unused icons from desktop. computer is running slow and sometimes unresponsive and freezes. i don't want to pay to download antispy etc as it was running ok before so i dont think that can be the problem. anyone got any other suggestions for a complete novice ???? thanks xx


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    Disabling some startup programs can help you point out if you're running out of memory, low or even faulty RAM can cause a slow desktop sometimes, if low ram is the reason you can either upgrade or reduce some programs that loads at start to free up some bytes.

    IF that's not the problem, then try to look if your HDD is in good condition, faulty Hdd can cause hard lock ups. Slow browsing in explorer(My Computer, C:\, D:\) is one sign.

    Heat can also effect performance.

    If you're just experiencing slow browsing in internet, try calling your ISP.

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    I Won't Tell You Norton Sucks But I Will Tell You As A Computer Tech That It Is The Worst On The Market

    I Suggest Removing Norton ASAP and Downloading AVG it is free and works better than Norton

    Here Is The Link

    Download under Installation Files

    You Should No Longer Have Problems

    I Also Suggest Downloading Spybot That Is For Getting Rid Of Spyware you can get that at www,spybot,com

    If You Need Anything Else Please E-mail me

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    How many programs are loading at startup? When you start your computer, are there lots of program icons in the lower right corner by the clock? Minimize these. To find these click on start, then run, then type msconfig and hit enter. Under the startup tab you'll see all of the programs. Some are needed so don't unclick everything. Here are a couple links to get you started.

    You can also install and run spybot and cc cleaner for free, these might help.

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    If you have a hard disk drive that is 2GB or smaller, ensure that there is at least 200MB of hard disk drive space free. If you have a hard drive larger than this size, verify that there is at least 500MB of free hard disk space. This available space allows the computer to have room for the swap file to increase in size as well as room for temporary files. See document CH000528 for additional information about regaining lost hard disk drive space.

    Run Scandisk or something equivalent to help ensure that there is nothing physically wrong with the computer hard disk drive.

    Run Defrag to help ensure that data is arranged in the best possible order.

    Make sure your computer and processor is not overheating, excessive heat can cause a significant decrease in computer performance some processors will even lower the speed of the processor automatically to help compensate for the heat related issues. Additional information about your processor temperature and was of determining how hot it is can be found on document CH000687.

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    Running Norton is a really good way to slow your computer down - seriously - not just a cheap shot at Norton.

    It's really resource hungry.

    Run task Manager (RC on the toolbar & select Task Manager) - have a look at the Processes - click twice in the column titled CPU & it will sort into the process running lots of CPU.

    Search on the net for the process (unless it is System Idle Process - that just means your disk is not being overworked!)

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    If you have DSL look at the Ethernet light on your modem to make sure it is not a static color, make sure it is blinking rapidly. You have done all the most commonly tried tasks and chances are its your connection or an unseen virus your firewall cant knock out. Shut down your computer and starting at your phone line, re-connect all your connections going to the modem, to the CPU and power up. If there is still slowness contact your ISP and verify that there is no outtage of any kind.

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    Take Norton off first.Go to File Hippo and put AVG on.It made

    need to be optimised.You can down load Advanced Windows

    Care V2.Which will do everything at one click.Including finding

    faults and letting you know which progs are on at start and not

    needed.Which can slow you down.Or download Tune Up Utilities 2007 and go through more thoroughly.

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    If using Windows XP, then goto

    START, all programs, accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter.

    Other versions of operating system should be similiar.

    This program will analyse the hard disk and then let you know if it needs to be defragged. This should speed the ocmputer up when done.

    This program will take a while to run.

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    Have you scanned for Spyware? If not download, update and scan with Spybot and Adaware. How long since you ran a diskcleanup? Is your drive free from fragmentation? This disease can slow things down. Keep a check on frag levels and also on the free space.

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    hate to tell you this but it sound like you caught a virus - the best way to get rid of it is to recover your computer to factory settings using the disks that came with the computer when you bought it. you could try to restore (CONTROL PANEL > PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE > RESTORE) it to a previous date as well - which I would try before i recovered it. In restore choose a date when none of this was happening - see if that helps and if not or its starts again RECOVER using the disks that came with it. This can be a pain in the neck cause you have to save everything you wanna keep off the computer but it is truely the best way to get rid of anything you don't want happening!!

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