can you suggest me to make wine/beer,etc.. at home with easily available products?

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    Hi If you're in Australia beer kits are availabe from most large department stores such as K-mart. You only need to buy the kit once, then you just buy the ingredients for the next batch at the supermaket. I'm not sure if you're in the US. It's really easy and it's ready to drink in about two weeks.

    We make wine with fruit juice. I know it sounds odd...but it tastes like real wine and we personally make it bubbly. It's a recipe really. You need 10 lt of fruit juice and a 25 lt container with a lid fitted with an air lock. You can buy most of this stuff online. You put the juice in a sterilized container. (wash it with warm water and bleach and rinse really well. It doesn't need to be dry) Add the juice, 4 kg of sugar and a sachet of wine yeast (you can buy these on line as well) top up with cold water from the tap and Seal with the lid and let it ferment. When the airlock settles it means the wine is ready to bottle. Any old clean bottle will do even plastic softdrink bottles if you're not going to be fussy. Howeve we make bubbly wine, so we bottle the wine when it tastes dry but hasn't finished fermenting. We also add a tsp of sugar to each bottle. We used champagne bottles, corks and wires. We get the bottles free from restaurants and reception places (we ask and they put them away for us). They have to be washed and cleaned thouroghly and air dried. (upside down) We then bottle the wine, cork and leave for at least 6 mths...if you open them before they are ready they will explode (the cork) and bubble over. The normal wine should sit for at least 6 months but we normally can't wait and drink it when it tastes nice. The link is to an Australian brewing site. If you google "home brewing equipment" you will be able to find some in your area. Have fun.

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    If you're talking about products that you already have at home, unless you normally have brewer's yeast and malted barley in your pantry, you probably don't have what you need to make either wine or beer.

    That said, home brewing or home wine making are pretty simple affairs. Most good sized cities have either a wine making store or a home brewing store -- some have both. Just go there and let them know you want a basic beer or wine kit and they will be more than happy to set you up.

    If you don't have a local wine or beer making store, you can also order all the supplies you need online.

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    I agree with Townie. If you are not looking to buy the kit, then it may be difficult to get the results you are looking for. There is a kit called Mr Beer but as a homebrewer, I can't recommend that kit. And I was looking at prices and their stuff (bottles, caps, etc... is much more expensive than a local brewing shop. Make a visit to your local homebrew shop and they can hook you up. Tell them that you are trying to make beer using items you already have at home-this is a common request and homebrewers can be very inventive to make things work.

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    so much crap on concepts and people want to know how to make alcohol. First choose what flavour you want as to fruit or vegetables you want about 3 pound in weight and add 3 pound of sugar this would make 6 x 75 cl bottles of wine , make sure to add a packet of yeast.1 gallon is what you get. As to legal matters you can make it and drink it at home but you can not sell it. But if you wanted to sell it and keep it legal you could give it to a friend in exchange for them making a cake etc... which is all above board as they say. But if money exchanges then that is illegal .

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    Homebrewing supply stores via mail order

    they have kits for both wine and beer, and with minimal gear you can do a kit wine or extract homebrew. You likely have the 5gallon pot to boil in and a few other items.

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    Beer and wine are both rather complex, at least with just stuff you have lying around your house. I'ld look more into infusing vodka or everclear with fruits or spices if you're trying to get an original drink.

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    Homebrewing is easy and fun. Go to my link for all the information you ever need for brewing. Good luck, and have fun.

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