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Guys+Football season?

How come it seems like when its football season thats all some guys live and breath they could care less about girls or anything else, besides football.

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    Women and girls will come and go...Football is FOREVER!!!

    Football never cheats on you. Football never gets angry if you cheer other sports when it's not in season. Football doesn't ask you stupid questions about whether or not these jeans make my fat butt look too fat. Football is complex, yet easy to understand...women and girls; not so much. Football knows that we are, in fact, looking at other sports and it doesn't make a federal case out of it. FOOTBALL IS A GIFT FROM THE GODS!!! Women and girls are like buses; another will be by in ten minutes or less.

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    Women have shopping, guys have football, thats just the way of the universe, the reason guys may seem more into it is cause we only get football for half the year so it is a time to be cherished, women can go shopping anytime they want, and since they're probably doing it with their man's money he has nothing left to do but stay home and watch football.

  • Rob B
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    1 decade ago

    You think you have it bad? My wife has it much worse because I'm a football referee. Pre-season starts in May with weekly meetings, a clinic or two in the summer, then scrimmages in late August. Once Labor Day hits, she doesn't see me from Wednesday morning until Saturday night because I'm working. Sunday, I'm exhausted and spend all day on the couch recovering.

    Then again, she knows I'd spend Thursday night and all day Saturday and Sunday watching football anyway. This way I get exercise and make money at it.

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    Football season is only 16 weeks and is only on once per week, basically. If you're watching a game with me and want to talk about something other than football, wait until a break in the action. Otherwise, shut the #$%^@ up! After the game, I'll be more than happy to discuss a multitude of other subjects.

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  • Ok I'll give it up. We all secretly want to be running that 99 yard kickoff return, catch/throwing that 50 yard pass play, juking the defender and running it in for a score. But we can't all do it so we watch it. And we have our favorite teams that give us a stance against all the other men. Basically we're animal anyway and it's an organized way to battle without anyone getting hurt. I guess that takes precedence over small talk and "Honey do I look okay". Same principle as when you go out with your boyfriend , someone says something to you and he gets in a fight. Well that's his way of taking a stance and if you got in the way you would get the same reception that you would if you tried to interupt the football game.

  • Drew
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    1 decade ago

    Cause football is football. It's the only 5 months of the year I can spend my weekend sitting on a couch, drinking beer, and eating Chex Mix and have a legitimate reason. I dont think it's too much to ask to have 5 months where everything else is secondary to football.

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    Football rocks! It's all I live for, it's the greatest sport in the country. Don't get me wrong, I get all girlie and love shoes and clothes and stuff, but that gets so boring sometimes. Besides, guys like girls that are into sports. You should at least give it a try. If you have to, find a player you think is really cute and learn all about him and his position. It worked for my friend, who is now in love with Jeremy Shockey, and acts like she introduced football to me.

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    I am a female who loves football season. People know that if they are not watching the game with me, than they better not call till its over. They know better than to ask me to do anything on a sat afternoon. It's hard to explain to someone who does not understand. For me i would rather be at the stadium watching the game than going to the mall. Does that mean my family has to suffer?!? NO. they know i would be there for them no matter what. Try to give them a break. Maybe if you watched a game with them you might find you like it. Take that time to do something that you want to do for yourself. Go out with friends..whatever and the worst time to bug them about it is after their team has lost the game. I know i am not in the best mood when my team lost the game. I guess you just have to love the game to understand. I had an ex who bugged the crap out of me because i would watch every game my team played, plus a few others. I finally had to tell him that i never bugged him about what he was so passionate about and he needed to give me a break. Can you believe he broke up with me over it and now dates a girl who hates football. His loss!

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    Woman have their soap operas year round.Why not something for men to watch.I work my rear off all week long supporting my family,come Saturday, I'm going to watch some football.

  • Shane
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    4 years ago

    i wish i could have got my ex to watch the lusty couple she always would have watched the football. she sure didn't know much about lust ,maybe that's why she tried out so many male partners.

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