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Girls playing high school football?

Im a girl and i want to join my high school football team. In my opinion i think that im just as good as other people on the team. The problem is that i dont know what position i would play and what i could to prove myself to the coach. What should i do?

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    I am truly sorry but that will not happen. There are a lot of girls at my school that wanna play and are better than a lot of the players on the team but the athletic director will not allow that to happen. i think if you wanna play you should play but its not allowed sorry

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    Most girls try out for kicker/punter because they are the most protected player out on the field. What does your mom or dad say?

    I will tell you that every girl that has ever played a guy's sport in college has gone through a really rough time. One college kicker didn't complain about what happened to her until she graduated because she was afraid of retribution. Mostly she was raped, sexually harassed, and too many other things. It's not right what she went through, but what could she do?

    So be very careful if you do decide to do it, OK?

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    I don't know a lot about football, or what position you should play, but I've played rough games with guys, and I've learned that most all of them will reject you and assume you to be weak at first no matter what. You have to prove yourself to all of them and do everything you can to earn their respect. Play and practice as hard as you can, and when you feel tired don't let it show. When proving your athletic ability with guys, you have to be really tough, tougher than most of them if you can, and DO NOT let them see you be weak until after you've proved that you can be strong.

    I'm a football fan myself, and am totally routing for you! Happy to hear of courageous girls like you.

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    Personally I would not let my Daughter play, I would not want her to get hurt by a much larger Boy! Boys your same age will weigh an average of 160 to 210 lbs, Bench 180-230 and squat upwards of 250 to 350 on average. Please think about your physical well being! I know it sounds sexist but it is also reality we are not equal in all things males and females are different in many ways and that is a good thing!

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    Some girl in my class the made her play center :/ which i dont think is right. and another was able to play but was put on the freshman team.

    Try your best and never give up. i think if you prove yourself that you arent gunna cry or be upset if you get hit and show you are strong and tough i think they will accept you.

    If your good at running and catching try reciever, throwing quarterback, blocking and such defence, well you get the picture. just pick one that you are good at and never give up. :)

    I say try out and see what they say

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    You might need a new Locker Room and also you might not want to play Center, you know what a QB does to a Center right.

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    if you're gonna play you should be a kicker/punter

    any other position and you would get creamed, but only because guys are much bigger than girls

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    first of all

    by now you should know what position you could play.


    stick to a non-contact sport, your gonna get killed in High School

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    they have got to let you tryout if they dont you could take them to court

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