Your thoughts on race and social class?

I grew up very poor, near Oakland. A lot of brothers lived in my community. But, only about three dozen graduated highshool with me. Most of thje rest were white and Asian. Why?

I went to college near Oakland before I ran out of money, and moved to Phoenix. Very few brothers were in any of my classes. From the looks of things, there are very few in college here as well.

I know many black men that are IT professionals, dentitsts, software developers, managers, and so on. They all have a few things in common; Not a one of them speak ‘slap’ like, ‘Who you be’, ‘whas is up’, ‘were it be’. None of them wear hats backward. None of them walk around wearing ther pants hanging down. They all act professional.

I can’t even remember the last time someone made a racial statement to me. Why is that? Maybe that is because I am a positive person whom does not act ‘ghetto’.

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    Your socioeconomic status (class status) almost always trumps your racial identity. Each class in a culture usually has it's own identifying dress code and speech. Which is why people in poor areas will often listen to the same music, where the same clothes, and act in the same manner regardless of race. Ditto for people in wealthy areas. If you are able to move from one class to another (which is fairly rare, so congratulations) you are expected to also adopt the behaviors of the new class to which you now belong. Class is a very powerful thing and often the only important color is green.

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    Because YOU label yourself as not being ghetto is irrelevant to why no one person has made a racial statement to you. It's important that you do these things for YOU and not to appease the majority because in the end some can and probably will (eventually) call you a "n". I don't understand why some people don't understand this? Racism is racism, if someone doesn't like black people then guess what buddy? They don't like you...and your education means absolutely nothing to a racist. I say stop kissing *** and live.

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    Yes, people who dress/act according to the stereotypes will probably encounter more problems as those who don't.

    On the other hand... I guess that those who're positive, look further, mingle more with other people, won't hear these stereotypes as much although... they're often stereotyped as well.

    For some reason, people in my country (Netherlands Eu), who're not white, but have the same degrees and workmanship (or even better) as whites, do have _far_ more problems finding a job. It's also _far_ more difficult for them to climb the social ladder within the company that offers them a job.

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    But you have to realise that what you are practicing now is learned behaviour. You have learnt that your definition of what is proper is what counts and that is not too right if you step back and think about it for a minute. What would you do if the power to define suddenly shifted hands? Life is blinding isn't it?

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    well first off your question is very unintelligible. but race and social class isnt dependent on one another. There are whites in low social class some in high, there are blacks in low social class some in high..asians...indians..etc etc

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    That's nice. I don't act "ghetto" either.

  • hmm you do have a point

    lesson - dont talk like a dumbass because people will think you are one

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    I smell something.

    A troll perhaps?

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    You have isssue

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