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Was Bin Laden wrong when he claimed that the majority of Muslims support his agenda?

"For the American forces to expect anything from me personally reflects a very narrow perception. Thousands of millions of Muslims are angry." Usama Bin Laden, 1998 Time Magazine -

Before 911, Bin Laden made the claim that billions of Muslims (thosands of millions) feel the same as him...angry at America. So sure was Bin Laden about the support of the Islamic world, that he risked all, under the belief that the Muslim world, as large as it is, would rally behind him. He was right.

Polling data also confirms Bin Ladens claim. The industry gold standard of polling methodolgy is set by PEW. The PEW group has done many polls on this subject since 911 and all of them show majority support for Bin Ladens agenda (called "Bin Laden Confidence Factor").

Add in the fact that almost all armed conflict worldwide is Islamic, and I just dont see how anyone can believe the problem comes from "just a few".


EDIT: Harihara, Pakistan IS AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY!!! So we apparently then totally agree as it is Muslims in that region who faithfully give him protection. We agree!!!

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    All good muslims support osama

    only the bad muslims hate terrorism

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    Really a difficult thing to answer. We can not answer such questions based on what Laden thought. Rather it should be asked to the entire muslim population all over the world.

    How many muslim governments would come out in the open and declare publicly that we do not want revolting muslim genre from now on? It is very difficult to predict such things based on Laden's claims or Taliban's claims or Lashkar-e-Toiba's claims. No body can say so. If you feel close to their teachings and understanding then whether you are muslim or non-muslim one is bound to feel allegiance otherwise a repulsion.

    If Laden himself wants to prove that he was right and not America let him go to other muslim countries and take shelter. If people over there gives him refuge and shelter then he is correct else he proves wrong.

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    Had Bin Ladin succeeded in intimidating the international and replaced into in a positron of calling the photographs, lots of the comparable human beings now calling him no longer a real Muslim, could hail him a valiant Hero. Hours after 9/11 Muslims have been crammed with swagger and glee. Months after while they began to get whaked in Afghanistan, the comparable human beings wanted evidence of Bin Ladin being in touch! while that did no longer paintings the very comparable human beings now declare that the finished deal is US and Jewish doing to furnish Islam a bad call. in the Quran there's a recognition for such behaviour called "Taqia" meaning Muslims can lie for the reason for Islam.

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    I guess the USA will just have to keep invading those Muslim countries until the Muslims decide to give up and start loving Americans like they should. Maybe having a few politicians threaten to use nuclear weapons on them will help them to become more loving towards Americans.

    Poor picked on America. Try to remember that these super fundamentalist terrorists had almost entirely been defeated in all of the muslim countries until USA rescued them and shipped them to Afghanistan to cause trouble for the Soviets.

    Yes, you can thank Reagan for 9-11.

    In 6 years you have not been able to find Bin Laden but you have yourself convinced he is living in the mountains, like bigfoot. How quaint.

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    Bin Laden uses fear and corruption to seek his needs.

    Considering that in many Muslim cultures, personal gain is prohibited he is certainly rich.

    He claims that the war is 'Holy' when in fact people need to stop and realize. when have gods ever got involved in mortal battles in our time?

    He seems to use peoples religion to his gain, by saying it is a holy war, it appears that the war is prophecy coming true, hence the large support.

    Other than that, yes the western world has done wrong to them but prople have to realise that there is already enoug conflict in the world.

    Whats worse is that there are many muslin people who hate and detest the UK, yet are happy enough that they and there families have left there home countries and settle in the UK because of the 'better quality of life' jobs etc.

    This is conflicting interests. And so just goes to show that while there are followers, the greater power is the number of muslims who are associated to NEITHER side.

    Such contridiction is true anywhere.

    Welsh, Irish, Scottish (as an example) many of them do not get along with English people for different reasons, we dont call ourselves 'British' but we are the UK, we have out own countries but are happy enough using the reasources that are provided, even though we ourselves have many wrongs done to us.

    FYI non i've seen as bad as the missing generation of Australia. If anyone has a right to start a war its them!

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    Yes, but it's not his agenda. This fundamentalist idea of prestige and power in the Muslim world has been there all along. Bin Laden just capitolized on it at the right time.

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    I am a christian and relate well with the muslims around. Hear we relate well dispite the difference in our religion, You only preach what you know and so this question of Bin Laden is out and has got nothing to do with the muslim faith. Muslims as I know preach peace, they would not resort to such a mess as happen through this Laden. I personally believe that different people have different perception about other peoples religion and simply because the muslim believe in Jihad called the holly war as per their faith, and that this guy is believed to be one of the muslims People took the judgement by theirselves whereas I believe no faith that believes in the supremacy of God will do such an act. I feel he was totally wrong to base his act on his religion.

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    A study in the UK has shown 11% of British Muslims support or agree with the actions of Al Qaeda, not a majority but alot

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    I am a devout, practicing Muslim American, and I will never support Bin Laden's agenda.

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    Luv, if saying you were against something or someone could get your family turned into toast, including your aged parents, and your new-born nephew, what the HE** would YOU say!!?

    bin Laden is known for taking revenge on those who disagree with his agenda.

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    Bin Laden said "when people see a strong horse and a weak horse by nature they will like the strong horse".As he failed in his attempts to defeat the US the Muslims see him as the weak horse and now see him as a villain.That is why the Muslim loathe him because he failed.

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