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Men's brains are bigger? Women are better multitasking?

According to the website men's brains are bigger and women are better at multitasking. Do you agree?

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    Men's brains are slightly bigger but only because men are physically larger overall than women -- bigger bodies, bigger heads, etc. This has nothing to do with intelligence, however.

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    Well I'd agree that mens brains are bigger, but I wouldn't succumb to a masculine or feminin point of view as most of your responses have been. As for multitasking, I'm just not sure about that. I still haven't met a geek, let alone a female geek, that has as many windows open as I do during work hours. I multitask quite well thank you. I do believe male minds are more focused on practical, physical situations and objects, while women tend to think on the more abstract side of an idea or object.

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    the size of the brain really doesn't matter because we only use a portion of it.

    Women are better at multitasking and "thinking outside the box", because all the brain engages in the thinking of a particular problem, while most men think very closed-mindfully.

    But men are better at focusing on a particular problem because of this trait, while its a bit difficult for women do things like reading a book with the music on.

    Either way, those differences are not distinctive in everyday life.

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    My sister has a larger head than my bother. Her forehead is also higher than his. No it's an individual family trait. My brother and I have a smaller head and longer jaw line. As far as multi tasking, I would hate to be saddled with that expectation, since I'm horrid at it. When there are unfair expectations put on people, it's stressful , to try and be something you're not.

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  • julie
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    Men can not do two jobs at once like women can. I wouldn't agree that men's brains are bigger either. There are a lot of women that can do mens jobs these days, equal i would say.

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    yes i agree with that... of course i am a creationist and i beleive the creator mad men and women specifically to carry out their responsibilties and in order for a woman to do so she would need to be an efficient multi-tasker and a for the size of the brain... well, size doesn't really matter, but since (in general) men are larger than women it makes sense that their brain would be proportionately larger to their body.

    ----with that said, i wouldnt discount the possibility of men who are good multi-taskers. they are out there. generally speaking though, in my opinion, men and women have particular strengths which allow them to aid the opposite sex (once again, i am a creationist and i believe that homosexuality is wrong). am i (as a male) dissapointed by the absence of the natural skill of multi-tasking? of course not.... i have my strengths as well, and in due time over the course of giving and getting based on different strengths and weaknesses, a man and woman can become 'dependant' on one another.... its all really just a beautiful image put together by the creator with US in mind (if you chose to believe so)

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    Depends on the person i s'pose, but many men that i know don't multitask very well.

    And maybe their brains are bigger, i dont know, bigger heads have bigger brains i s'pose, but then don't they say size don't matter? lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm multitasking now.....


    eating sweets

    drinking this coke...


    women's brains are the same size, if anything, bigger.


  • looby
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    Ive always said women are brilliant multitaskers.

    I can have the dinner going, hoover the floor , watch my baby and talk on the phone all at the same time.

    yes mens brains may well be bigger, just gives them less room to think ;)

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    Do you think it might date back to the times when men only had to be the hunter, single-minded and purposeful, to catch the dinner - while their partners had somehow to skin the beast, cook it and mind the kids all at the same time?

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