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When I installed Norton Antivirus 2007 My Computer(Windows XP) Works Very Slowly tell me or Suggest Me please?

I Purchased Norton Antivirus 2007 & when i installed it into my XP so it works very slowly & poorly Pickup performance when i start my pc.

Now tell me anyone what i will do to increase my pcs performance

Or any kind of software which help me

Or Some tricks to improve performance

Please tell me

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    Security software like Norton usually slows performance due to the massive amount info and files added to your computer system. The most amount of these files are added to your registry.

    If you haven't cleaned your registry in a while. This is necessary. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, un-installs etc. Each one of those events has

    a key. That key needs your PC's resources and free space. So, if you should clean your registry, you make more resources available for spped. Do a registry scan if you got more than 20 errors you should clean it.

    Here is some other tips that will help speed up your computer.

    Clear your Windows cache files, this your temporary file. It can grow up to a large volume and stop your computer from using RAM properly. In a sense slow it down by preventing it from using free space.Here is how:

    1. Quit Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other web browser

    2. Click Start, click "Control Panel", and then double-click "Internet Options".

    3. On the General tab, click "Delete Files" under Temporary Internet Files.

    4. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the "Delete all offline content" check box , and then click OK.

    5. Click OK.

    Also manage your startups. Your excess CPU usage is due to too many programs running in the background. You can cut these to barebones by alter your msconfig. Here is how:

    1. Open your Start menu.

    2. Click Run

    3. In the command screen type "msconfig.exe"

    4. In the "system configuration utility",click either "service" or "startup" tab

    5. Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.

    6. Click "OK"

    Other great tip is increasing your virtual memory to simulate more RAM. This will give you a bit more resources for multiple program use or CPU heavy programs. Check the link to alter your virtual memory spec.

    Hope this link helps. Shows you how to do everything step by step. You should get a least 60% more resources and speed if you follow the tips.

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    A common complaint with Norton. I'm using Bullguard instead - no problems there. Don't get MacAfee - even some of the free ones work better than MacAfee.

    EDIT: Read Mickey's answer, also delete temporary Internet files on a regualr basis (like each time you turn your 'puter off at the end of a session).

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    Unfortunately, Norton, while a excellent program, is a bit of a memory hog (though not as bas as in previous years). How much RAM are you running? You may want to get some more, to bring performance back up. I'd recommend having at least 1 GB in your system to run Norton smoothly. :)

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    Uninstall Norton Antivirus it is a complete waste of hard drive space and your hard earned cash. It is a memory hog and the detection rate is quite low for a premium product.think about replacing it with Kaspersky Anti Virus 7 or if strapped for cash Avira AntiVir Personal or AVG.

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    A PC with Norton products take longer to boot to windows.

    This is normal,and worth the wait for the protection you get.

    McAfee will do the same thing.

    Once loaded everything should be the same as before.

    If not,try Ad-Aware too for Spyware removal.


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    This happens because every EVERY action your computer takes must first be scanned by Norton to ensure it is free from a virus, you can not change this setting but you can lower the scan intensity and this will speed up your computer a little

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    Norton is a very good anti-virus program. Ussally your computer is very fast. If you had a virus on your computer for a very long time it might be too far into your computer that Norton cant find and delete it.

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    I recommend to clean up the register in order to improve your pc performances and get rid of malwares. A good program you can use is CCleaner

    You should definitly try it


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    Norton is a system hog. Get rid of it and get yourself a free antivirus, here's a list of popular ones

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