"Fire is the most tolerable third party" by Henry David Thoreau?

I love this quote, but I dont know what it means. If there are any professors of philosophy, or anyone well read with Henry David Thoreau ideas. Please tell me what he meant by that quote

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    I was able to confirm, using Gutenberg, that Ralph Waldo Emerson cites "Fire is the most tolerable third person" among Thoreau's unpublished writings. The works by Thoreau available through Gutenberg do not include the quotation. A further search using Google provides an abundance of persons quoting Thoreau, but apparently they all depend upon the Emerson citation.

    Having failed to find the quotation in context, I can only conclude that while "two is company, and three is a crowd," a fire can be very welcome to the two when they are out in the wild or together at the hearth.

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    Fire can be a tool of use for two people. A common uniter. I like Thoreau too, but he was kinda a mama's boy. Although he did move away to write and be alone, he never lived more than 18 miles from home. And when he was writing, his mother would bring food and supplies out to him. I thought, 'Heck, I could've done that.'

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