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Please answer: does this man deserve recognition, in your opinion?

I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this man and his actions. Is he a hero, in your book? I think so but would like to hear what others think- thanks.

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    Interesting, this. In conventional terms he would not be classed as a hero.

    However, his resolve to not submit to torture and beatings after all these years and towards his death (as a result of the atrocities) to be resolute in his defiance of the regime that caused his and millions of others suffering is admirable and memorable.

    God; what this man must have gone through

    So Mr Vernon-Ward; in my book you are a bloody HERO.

    Well done

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    A strong character - no doubt about that. He's a hero to his family, I'm not sure what else could be achieved by any formal 'recognition'.

    There were and are thousands of men & women still suffering in different ways from the after effects of their experiences & treatment in the war.

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    This man was Dignified till the very end, I'm sure he is a Hero. But he certainly didn't want to be seen giving in to the Nazi's, even fifty years after the war, He has to be commended for his actions even though he could have helped extend his life a bit longer..

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    Any man or woman that puts themselves between their society and evil is a hero. You can criticize the choices that this man made and I perhaps would have made different choices. However, he paid the price to live as he so desired.

    Peter Vernon-Ward - Rest In Peace

    Source(s): 91 Bravo US Army DAV
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    Yes, he deserves recognition for his effort and good intentions. He tried the best he could for a good cause is good enough to be recognize. He is just unlucky. His suffering is cause by his effort and good intention. Without his effort and good intention he wouldn't be suffering in his life. Put yourself in his situation then you will know he deserves recognition in what he did. I don't call him a hero, but he surely derserves recognition.

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    If he was at Dunkirk he is certainly a hero! For putting himself in harm's way for his country/the World at that time most certainly.

    Condolences to his family.

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    Of course he was a hero! He was a strong determined, resilient man who gives a great example of what it means to be British. My grandfather was from the same era, and we owe so much to these squaddies.

    Peter Vernon-Ward, we salute you. R.I.P.

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    Definitely so, how soon the Countries that send their people to war, then just forget them.

    These people are hero's and should be treated and respected as such.

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    He is a hero. The story highlights how wrong doctors can be sometimes.

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