When you travel, do you buy souvenirs? What do you normally buy?

I keep buying stupid fridge magnets as if I need them, but now I've already started that habit, so I think I'll keep doing that. lol

I also love to buy T-shirts and if it's a country with good wine I'll buy wine too.

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    I usually take home something that just reminds me of that place.

    I have a very special stone I took home from Greece, my son found it on the beach and gave it to me, it is a perfect oval and fits neatly into my hand, I used to hold it at night and watch the sun go down listening to a man playing a guitar and singing to his son, every time I hold the stone it takes me back and makes me smile.

    I also have fossils from the beach in Dorset, brilliant short stay holiday.

    I always bring soething home just to remind me of a place.

    I have been known to bring home a paper place mat from a favourite resturant.

    Take home reminders of times and places rather than just 'been there, done that'

    I must admit we do buy t-shirts for the kids. They love them

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    I get all the usual items such as postcards, shot glasses, t-shirts and fridge magnets too, but I also try to find something truly local. Wine is a good choice but if you go overseas that's not always feasible. I try to get portable foodstuffs - for instance, when I visited Australia I brought back a bunch of snack-type foods such as local chocolates, crackers, chips, and of course Vegemite! I got various chocolates, Whiskey Marmalade and tea in England. Just keep an eye out for local businesses - some food manufacturing plants may have a tour you can take of the facility, and can purchase items at the company store. :)

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    I always buy souvenirs and it really depends on where I'm at what I'll buy. I usually collect shotglasses from everywhere I go; they're small and don't take up alot of space to display. If it's a place I really loved, say London, I'll buy shirts, keychains, glassware and calendars.

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    Sunbeam, I am so practical anymore its unreal.

    I used to buy dust collectors. Never, ever, any more.

    The souvenirs I buy today are something I would buy if I where shopping at home. Something to wear, a special piece of jewelry, something pretty for the home. You get the drift.

    My home is clutter & dust free. Thank God~~~~jill

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  • 1 decade ago

    My job requires that I drive all over the United States. So I get Coffee Mugs for myself. And I try to pick up a Shot Glass for my Brother. I have an impressive collection of Mugs. And he has one fine-looking collection of Shot Glasses.

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    I've bought T-shirts also. I like to buy candles, the lighted ones you put the yankee candle in the top are great. I like to buy tote bags with the name of the place I went. I have bought throws.I like to buy gag toys for people. I've picked up purses too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LMAO mines the same...Fridge magnets or a towel but once got some nice wooden carvings from Malta


  • marsh
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    1 decade ago

    T shirts too and some magnets or a hat

  • 1 decade ago

    I, too, buy refrigerator magnets. My fridge has no room on the front of it anymore!

  • 1 decade ago

    Kool u can have a collection. I do collect souvenirs

    2 remember da trip

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