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Mike asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 1 decade ago

I want to create an ISO file from my XP CD?

I used to have an ISO file that I used as backup in case my XP CD became unuseable. Now I can't find it. How can I take my CD and create the file again? (I didn't do this originally, I had a friend do it for me, but we are not in touch anymore)

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    1 decade ago
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    you could use alchol 52% its free just have to find it also google magic iso maker 4.5 heres my friends key

    Magic ISO Maker 4.5 build 0109

    Name: Sven Gustavsen S/N: 3fA72hKutyRdZQ6xBDiO4GKwwMEFMZTEQ3rKoat7Gq9gztyrlyGLKEgaWG_4M95xtaFoUe0RQMrNWUMf4hiGLuhjVrQuBcZl2JbrwqwuNes7&F0TLjgerwO33TEmBYG9DX0g7FYHAKH4xmD5Odpv00UOqVDLE3fdAs2A1yB1McV

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