Honda 250 custom motorcycle repair?

I have a honda 250 motorcycle in need of repair, with pretty much everything, but don't really know the first thing when it comes to repair. Where is a good place to get information, or something that would be useful. Any useful advice would be appreciated as well.


Also, is there an easy way to get a replacement owners manual?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hondas don't need repair, they're from Japan. They last forever without any kind of fixing or maintenance. Just start it up and ride.

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    The Honda 250 custom was the predecessor to the Rebel. It is very similiar to the Rebel. I beleive 1983 was the last year the custom was offered. I am not sure of the repairs that you are referrring to. Your best bet to get affordable literature for your 250 is to try ebay. The dealership may be able to get you the shop manual (about $40.00!!), but they more than likely will not be able to get the owner's manual. The owner's manual is only helpful in keeping your bike road worthy. You won't find a lot of information in the owner's manual for repairing your 250. Another place to try is a swap meet.

    If your 250 has been sitting for some time, definitely clean the gas tank and the carb. Ensure there is no rust in the tank. One little flake can cause you a lot of grief, believe me. If your motorcycle doesn't have an inline fuel filter, don't add one. If you add one that is not part of the original set up, it may rob your carb of the fuel it needs. On the carb, remove it from the bike. Remove the bowl and clean your float. Many carb problems come from the float and float needle being gummed up.

    If you are not sure of what you are doing and want to take it to a dealership/mechanic, be prepared. You may have gotten the bike cheap, but repairs could get very costly. Most dealerships charge a minimum of $40.00/hr flat rate.

    I hope I have been of some help. Good luck and enjoy your 250.

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    owners manual? bwahahaha, why don't you get a SHOP manual, a wrench and a clue

    Source(s): owners manuals are worthless
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