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Scary movies that are actually scary?

I love scary movies but have yet to be scared by them. In most scary movies i laugh because its funny not scary. So does any one noe any good scary movies? I know "scary" is a personal opinion but what movies scared you?

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  • Zombie
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    Hellraiser, i saw it when i woz 7 it scared the hell outta me, funny thou, its on tv now i'm off to go watch it, lol

  • Anonymous
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    It all depends on what you concider scary. I 2 love scary movies and have a hard time finding films that acttually scare me. One seggestion i have for you is to get with your friends (movies are always scary when wathcing with a group of friends at night, dont noe why but true) so get ur firends go to ur local movie rental store and pick random movies from the horror section. I cant garantee that you will be scared. But it will be fun, me and my friend found laugh are heads off. But you want to be scared so I would suggest checking out (I havent seen some of these but they have scared the crap out of the people i asked)

    Dead Silence (i didnt get a chance to see this but i heard it was really scary)

    The Exerocist

    The Ring


    Cabin Fever

    Saw (not really scary but a good thriller same with the Saw 2 good thriller)

    Black Christmas

    Night of the Living Dead (the one from the 70's)

    i know there are more but i cant think of any more. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
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    um. The Hills Have Eyes. Not exactly scary but creepy. Same goes for All 3 Saw movies and Land of the Dead, just plain creepy.

    Scary? I was kinda freaked out watching Hostel. Not Hostel 2-sequels are lame. I was really freaked out in The Ring when she crawled out of the TV-I turned mine around that night.

    Scary is hard because it depends on your age and what kind of tolerance you have to scary movies.

  • The Grudge 1 & 2

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  • 1 decade ago

    House of a 1000 corpses

    I was terrified, it takes alot to get me scared. Very scary...

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    Wes Craven's movies, like Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (never saw the first one.)

    Misery (because it was so believable: mainly one scary scene for me)

  • Watch Hostel or the Saw series, you might be a little freaked...I laughed when I watched the Grudge movies.

  • suzi q
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    1 decade ago

    I think The Stand is scary in the sense that we could conceivably do this to ourselves and the military could react like it did.

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    I am like so with you, cause I always wanna watch scary movies, but whenever one comes out, I watch it, and I am always like so dissappointed with it.

    the movie the Excorcist is not sooo scary, but I dont think that I would watch it by myself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the top 3 i have ever seen are

    the exorcisit

    friday the 13th part 1 the orginal

    nightmare on elm street the orginal

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