2wire wireless modem router help?

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I have this type of router. There is no problem with my usb wireless thing in my computer finding the 2wire modem the problem is configuring the modem. I have computer as normal ...show more
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  • Clyde answered 7 years ago
hooke your router up. go to start run, type cmd for xp/xp pro/2000 click ok now type ipconfig. write down the default gateway ip then enter that into the address bar. click go.

98 user's start/ run/ type winipcfg click ok using his address posted. click that..


ok look at the back of your router. should be a socket all by itself. should say phone line. now the other socket or sockets should say computer line. that would be where you plug computer into. if there are additional sockets those are for other computers. i will tell you this. do not go over 5 items after you have it all hooked up. like you can use a jack for 2 phone lines running off the one phone socket but do not split it again and have 2 comps running.
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  • Jorm answered 7 years ago
    Hello there, i have the same wireless gateway and the IP address for all 2wire is:, and yes, just type it on the address tool bar. Once there, it will take you to all of your gateway's settings. Good luck!

    By the way, just plug in the wireless gateway and configure it with the ip address I gave you. You don't have to hook the old one to reconfigure the new one...
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