Is Gordon Brown a cheeky "tea-leaf" for stealing the Conservative Party's policy on a unified Border Force?

Is New Labour so devoid of any decent policies of its own it has to "borrow" the oppositions?
Update: Karen H: you may get the NHS for free but the rest of us tax payers pay through the nose for it.
Update 2: Voice of Reason (yeh right): I assume you therefore agree that the other 93 are unjustified stealth taxes, over regulation and general State Nannying.
Update 3: Karen H: if the last good thing Labour did for us was the NHS in 1947 then we really shouldn't have them back.
Incidentally if the Tories had won in 1945 we would have had a much more flexible Insurance based Health Service like most of the rest of Europe.
Update 4: VofR: your not special, no-one can access Lorne's Q&A's.
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