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Black Moor fish with white eyes?

I have a Black Moor goldfish which I got about a week ago. He's been fine in a 10- gallon tank, and has always had black eyes. Today I noticed both of his eyes are white. He's kind of lethargic, laying on the bottom of the tank; and when he does swim around he's constantly bumping into the indsides of the fish tank.

I've searched a bit, and found that Moor fish generally have bad eye sight, but why are both of his eyes completely white?

Thank you for your time reading this, and thank you for your help.

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    While dirty water or high ammonia can cloud a fishes eyes, it cannot cause a disease as such. Only pathogens cause what we commonly consider to be diseases in fish.

    If the cloudiness is just on it's eye, then it's a bacterial infection. For that you will need an antibiotic such as Maracyn or Maracyn TC. Just treat as the package recommends.

    If the cloudiness is on it's eye but also on parts of it's body around it's eyes, then you are dealing with a protozoan infestation. For this I would suggest Metronidazole or Maracide. Again treat as directed on the package.


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    Your fish has eye cloud. This is often due to high levels of ammonia. You should have your water tested, and vacuum the gravel. Go much lighter on the food from now on and the ammonia won't climb so fast. You should do a water change with a siphon once a week, removing 25% of the water. The eye cloud will need medication, so use maracyn two, but deal with the water quality first.

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    What are the odds I would be looking for the same answer. My fish same exact fish (a black moor) also developed a white type of cover over his eye. I normally change their tank two-three times a week about every ten days, but this time went about 16 days. I had too many things going on, but I do believe the water had alot to do with it and would suggest you use the medication your local pet store (preferably one with fish of course) request. Sometimes it is expensive, but they suggested a beta fix med for our beta when he hurt his fin and they were right. They told me to watch for white spots in this situation because it could spread to the other fish, but as the other people told you the med should work. Good luck to your moor and wish me luck on mine!

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    Sounds like an infection. That is a small tank for a goldfish.

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