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Christians, I know part of your faith is to pray for non-Christians and bless them..if a Witch or a....?

...a Wiccan or a Pagan prayed for you and blessed you in the name of our Lady Mother Earth, in all sincerity and with all good intentions, how would you feel about it? Would you:

a) accept their blessing with thanks?

b) accept it silently

c) reject it silently?

d) reject it verbally?

e) other

Witches, pagans, all, what do you predict they would do in that situation?

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favourite answer

    Morgana, as you can SEE. So far the VAST majority of the Christians DO see it as something good and a genuine GIFT of benevolent feelings from a person of ONE Religion to someone of a completely different Belief. The fact that MOST of them answered "A" tells me that we ARE capable of coming togeher at least in this ONE area.

    To ALL my Christian Friends, I thank you very much for affirming to ME and to the other pagans in here that MOST of you DO have it in your hearts to TRULY accept that people of other, non-Christian Religions, CAN have TRUE GOOD to offer right alongside you folks. However I am shocked by the response of a couple of Pagans on this question. YOU assumed the very WORST of those people. I HOPE that you can NOW see them in an entirely NEW light.

    There WAS once a time when pagans, Witches, Druids and Christians ALL worked together and supported one another. In those ancient days, the Christians understood that the Witches, et al, KNEW the healing power of many plants and activley sought them OUT to live within their communities to safeguard the health and safety of the population as a whole. In this time (prior to 600 AD), our kind were valued for their wisdom, knowledge and prowess in ALL sorts of things from calming Political turmoil, to guidance for the insane and mentally ill, to even our spiritual methods of Meditation. THEY knew that medical treatment from trained professionals was a thing reserved ONLY for the very rich and powerful. The REST of humanity had no other choice but to depend on the goodwill and knowledge of the Witch healers and even the Priests of Christianity would refer the sick and injured to the MOST reputable of the Witches to be healed. It took another 4 to 600 years for the Witch healers to fall OUT of favor by the countryside Priests. That is about the time that the Burning times bagan with the APEX of the persecution to come with the advent of the Inquisition, which was ORIGINALLY aimed at Heretics WITHIN the church and not directly aimed at the Witches.

    With that knowledge, don't you think that it's about time that our TWO belief systems came together once again? Not to heal the Christians but rather to HEAL the EARTH? Our planet is definately very ILL. Global Warming, Environmental Pollution, Loss of Habitat, Famine, Rampant Diseases and SO much more is occuring right this very moment. WE Witches do NOT have ALL the answers but we DO have MANY of them. For the MOST part, Modern Society has forgotten HOW to live in harmony with the Natural World. This is something that almost EVERY Witch knows on a familiar basis. WE actually LIVE our daily lives trying to be as harmonius with the Earth as we possibly can, even within this Modern Society's demands. We CAN show you HOW to live in partnership and stewardship of the Earth. BUT, if YOU allow those FEW among you to continue to carry out the agenda of the Burning Times against us. If you continue to sit on the sidelines and just WATCH while those FEW try to resurrect those bloody days, then there is litle hope that we will be able to help you to re-learn that which was lost. WE Witches CAN teach you ALL the skills to make your OWN medicines that are JUST as effective for many of the "common" ailments of humans AND animals. From the very plants that grow right in your OWN backyards. We can TEACH you which plants are good, and what they are good for, teach you what they look like, how to prepare them and how to take them (regardless what any of the HEALTH FOOD store tell you, MOST herbs are NOT very effective when taken in capsule form, even though that is the way that thes herbs are sold). You folks who are taking St John's Wort for depression are NOT taking it properly at all, if you just toss a handfull of capsules down your throat chased with a glass of water. those who are swallowing a bunch of Ginko Biloba pills are NOT taking it properly for it to REALLY help out your memory. The human body recognizes such form of herbs as just more roughage that has to be processed like any other form of cellulose and you derive very few beneficial qualities of the herbs that way. The same for MANY other herbal remedies that you buy in the "Heatlh Food Shops". ALL herbs are NOT meant to be eaten as dried herbs in a gelatin capsule. But the VAST majority of you NEVER even had the slightest inking of that fact. THAT is the type of information that MANY of us kitchen and Green Witches have at our disposal. BUT we are not likely to share that valuable knowledge with folks who are "out to get us". We WILL however share that knowledge with people who accept us for who and what we are. We are MORE than happy to share what we know with those who will love and appreciate us for BEING what we are.

    Most of you Christians ARE genuinely GOOD people and WE apprecitate that fact. We ACCEPT that you don't WISH to follow OUR Religion. And you know what? That's OK. To follow OUR ways is NOT an easy thing to do at all. When YOU get home from a hard day's work, your day is finished with. When WE get home from OUR jobs, OUR work has only just begun and we are up until ALL hours of the night doing the work that WE love so much. We are NOT going to change what we do nor why we do it. You are not going to change what YOU do and WHY you do it. That's the way things SHOULD be. We are ALL individuals on this World and we are ALL capable of not only ACCEPTING that fact. We are capable of CELEBRATING it. Christians and non-Christians alike.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Raji the Green Witch

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very interesting question. Even though it would be in complete sincerity with good intentions, I'd still have to rebuke the blessing (d). According to my religion, anything other than Christianity is wrong and going against God. Satan would undoubtedly have his hand in it, so it's not something I would accept. I'm sure I'll get thumbs down for this answer, but I'm being sincere and honest as well. I appreciate the well-thought out question and assume most pagans and whatnot won't be surprised with my answer. :)

    Source(s): PS- To an above poster, it's not out of fear and trembling that I would rebuke the blessing. It's out of righteous indignation. I'm not a fundie (or fundy, lol) by any stretch of the imagination, but if you believe something, you need to believe it all the way. Just because people have different beliefs doesn't mean I have to accept them. I don't accept a pedophile's belief that it's okay to molest children. I'm not comparing wiccans to pedophiles, but I'm not going to accept a belief just because a person has a right to that belief. It would be going against my own. I don't believe that we're all right in our own way. I think it's intolerent of other people to not understand that.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I have not looked at any of the answers but look forward to doing so once I am finished answering. To be honest I feel that the prayer would be rejected silently by most and out loud by others. A few may accept the prayer but I fear they would be the minority. Since they believe the person we are praying to is Satan (whether we are aware of it or not) they would not wish to have anything to do with our religion associated with them. I hope I am wrong but I have heard all to often on here how we are being conned by Satan and worshipping him in disguise. We know that out God/Goddess is not their Satan and know the reality of their love and blessings, but it is a major part of their religious beliefs to feel that we are sinning in our worship and therefore would not encourage what they believe to be sin.

    Blessings to you sister.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have been an in the broom closet practicing pagan for almost seven years. My whole family still thinks its a phase. and prays for me. I have given up counting all the times that Christian's that I know have tried to "save" me. Without even knowing that I am a witch. I guess they can just smell heathens.

    I am not a Wiccan, I do believe in karma. But most Wiccans say not to do spells or chants or prayers for somebody without their permission. I don't feel the same. I ask for positive gifts from Goddess, to help the ones I love.

    But I never tell anyone.

    Most Christians would just tell me how "wrong" they know I am. And about how I am going to hell. And even if they do not go that far, it would still make my relationships more uncomforable.

    People don't need to know about what I belive, and I will not push it on them. And I am not so crule as to point out the flaws in their faith. Because I know how wondeful it is to belive in something.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Greetings Sister,

    From all these answers it shows the wide range of character in christians. And as I ponder, I asked myself your question in reverse. How would I feel if a christian prayed for me? A. Definitely A.

    Bright Blessings upon us all (even the one who has a more personal savior than a piece of earth) LOL! This is the kind of.....oh somebody stop me! I just can't help myself!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most are going to say A but there might be a few fundies that say D.

    As a Witch and a Pagan I'm going to say A of course!


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  • ~ It saddens me to tell you that i have had a real taste of what happens when i offer prayer and support to a christian.

    ~ Its sad because it has made me more dubious about doing so again.

    ~I went to visit my great aunt recently who was very ill with a nasty flu. This Aunt of mine has always been a very open spiritual person, and we have had many very interesting conversations over the years~she would always read my tealeaves with surprising accuracy.~We had also spoken about my path as a wiccan witch. She thought it was wonderful and had often asked me to make her different"brews"

    This day i took her a little talisman to pop under her pillow and we prayed to the Goddess together. She KNEW her time was short.

    ~Anyway to cut a long story short, she died later that night, peacefully in her sleep she set off for the summerlands.

    ~The next morning quite early i had a knock on my door, it was her son. His face was red and blotchy and he looked as if he would explode! He without saying anything to me threw my little charm bag at my face and boomed"SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?" You have killed my mother witch! Dont even think of coming near any of us again! And if you try to come to the funeral you will be asked to leave! Your nothing but a murderer!

    ~I cried for a long long while. Then a feeling of calm embraced me and i knew it did not matter, that i had led her in prayer to the goddess on the day she died and that she was far away from all this angst, happy in the summerlands.~

    Late on the afternoon of her funeral i went to the cemetry and read some beautiful verses over her fresh grave lit candles and left flowers.

    I know she would of appreciated it.

    Her son was left with RAGE and i was left with PEACE.


    So i am very cautious about offering prayer these days!

    If it were done to me i would say thank you for your kind words, but i am a pagan, so i wont join you, I have my own ways.

    Blessed BE



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly I had to search myself for an answer on this, which truly is a thought provoking question.

    Although I do not believe in this god, the other person does. (This must be how many people feel when a Christian says "I'll pray for you".)

    But for someone to go to their god, on my behalf, is a gift they have offered to me. Under no circumstances do I advocate insulting someone who wishes to give me a gift.

    So I hope I will remember to do a) accept their blessing with thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You asked a question that I have pondered over for a few days now...thank you. I have given verbal blessings to Christians who know of my beliefs. For the most part, they have just thanked me for my kind words or thoughts as I would do for them. I had one bad experience compared to many good experiences. To the person who sent a poor response, I smiled and said that I was sorry they felt that way; and sent another prayer for understanding and awareness of ignorance. My hope from asking such a question is that of awareness.

    Blessings to you

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm Mormon.. a type of christianity... and... both my husband and I agree we would

    A. accept the blessing with thanks.

    It is what this person believes is right and I think that even though our beliefs are different.. the blessing is still the same... and I would be honored that they felt comfortable enough to bless me in their belief system, that I would not be offended.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have seen all of the actions you have listed. Some are more excepting then others and it will always be that way.

    When someone I know needs a little extra positive energy passed their way, I have no problems asking my Christian friends to pray for them. The same goes for when my Christian friends knows of someone that needs prayer. No one ever got hurt from a little extra positive engery no matter where it came from.

    Source(s): Eclectic Pagan
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