is it racist to define someones culture?

well aparently so. ive been called a racist because i do not like certain cultures. does ths mean that the word culture is racist as it defines a group of people who may or may not have the culture but are classed as though they do because we speculate that they have the culture.

well ive had it with trying to defend myself, i may as well just call myself a racist as i believe in freedom of speech and equality.


i was actually talking about spanish bull fighting. why do people bring islam into it

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    Don't get downhearted or feel intimidated by the lefty name callers. If there are aspects of other peoples culture that you feel you would like to express an opinion about, you are perfectly free to do so, as long as you do it in a proper manner, without being gratuitously insulting. This is very different from criticising someone for no better reason than the colour of their skin. In my view, it should also be acceptable to have a view about other religions, although, these days, you would be on trickier ground.

    If I were being totally honest, I would say that it should be perfectly acceptable to have a view about, culture, religion, politics, law, but not a persons race or skin colour.

    The problem with even asking a question like this, is that it makes you seem unsure about basic freedom of speech. That is precisely what the lefties want.

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    Now don't get in a hissy fit. Of course it is not racist or prejudiced to define a group of people as having a common culture.

    What IS racist is assuming that every member of that is exactly the same, or that any particular characteristic (such as intelligence) is *inherently* related to that group (based on their skin color or geographic location), or that the characteristic is ONLY found in this group, or basing a claim about the entire group on the actions or charcteristics of a few members.

    Examine your questions - can you honestly say that you haven't done ANY of these things? Did you make any sort of generalization or unscientific assumption? Have you thought about the situation from the subject's perspective? Were you asking an actual question (making a sincere request for information), or were you posing an opinion?

    Examine yourself before stick your tongue at at the world and play the martyr.

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    no, that's well in your rights. the people on here are all racist themselves, or on the defensive due to an inner insecurity. You might as well call yourself a racist, that's the way the world is now, I don't like certain aspects of the french culture, or american, but there are still things I do like. try to see the positives, and go easy on them for their faults, your culture is certinally not perfect, noones is!

    so long as you have humility and self awareness, racism is justifiable as criticism and not ignorance. to put others down to elevate yourself however, is morally wrong.

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    I can't see where racism comes in to being critical of Bull fighting

    Most of us think this is an abhorrent spectacle and we should be allowed to express this view strongly

    Much of the Spanish culture is excellent , and apart from bullfighting I have nothing but praise and admiration for them .

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    hmmm...i cant call u a racist if you don't like an aspect of a certain culture......if that is in fact what you are saying...for instance there are certain cultures in Africa the believe in female circumcision....i dislike it to no end...but i do not have a problem with the culture as a whole.....I'm guessing that is what you are saying?

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    Before you dislike someone's culture (and I don't understand why you would dislike - maybe disagree, but not dislike) be very sure you are going off FACTS. You could very well be defining someone's culture with lies, stereotypes, etc.


    Nubian Geek - Exactly. He can define you/your culture based off of whatever information is given to him (figuratively).

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    Yes, especially if you're not part of it. You are allowed to voice your opinion of it, but not define it. Really how could you.


    I still think this was an Excellent question though

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    Don't you realize that anything you say concerning non-whites is racist? It's pretty obvious.

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    You need to give an example of what you mean. I am black because of the color of my skin. That is it. I don't know how you are trying to define me.

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    What in the bloody blazes are you talking about? Don't come online high! It does nothing but waste other people's time.

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