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What is the full story behind the 'bigger liar than Tom Pepper' saying?

I know that he was thrown out of hell for being a bigger liar than Satan, but surly there is more too it than that?


There is No need for smart **** answers, that is why I am asking, becuase I don't know muhc about the saying.

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    Bigger liar than Tom Pepper. A liar of the first order. “Well, then he told me he loved me, and I said that he was a bigger liar than Tom Pepper, and, anyhow, what was he doing with a pair of draws in his pocket.”

    He was a Mark Twain character: "...the renowned Tom Pepper, who was such a preposterous liar that he couldn't get to heaven and they wouldn't have him in hell." (from 'A Remarkable Dream').

    The origin of Tom Pepper as a person is not known, his name originates from Naval Expressions (Nelsonic period), see also: "Tom Pepper was a person who, according to nautical tradition, was kicked out of hell for being a bigger liar than His Satanic Majesty. The term is mentioned by J. A. Gardner in his "Recollections," and appears to have been in use in 1787."

    The saying is still in use in South Yorkshire. And Wales.

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    Tom Pepper Tips

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    Who's Tom Pepper and when was he thrown out of hell? I would have thought Satan would have cherished such an accomplished liar.

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