Odometer and gearshift backlight not working.?

I have a 98 Corolla LE. When I drove home, tonight, I realized that the back light for the odometer, fuel gauge, RPM, and the gear shift(PRNDL) weren't working.

My first suspicion is that all my bulb burned out but I find that too coincidental. My main suspicion is that there's a loose wire or something.

If you have any approaches that could potentially help me fix my lighting issues I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you are taking out the gauge and you don't know anything about car. don't even do it when you take it out it easy when u put it back in that where whole trouble come. it is very hard to take it because the steering block it little bit so.

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    There is a 5 amp fuse to your dash lights at your fuse panel. It would be good to check all fuses. Many times one light serves to light up more than one instrament. changing the little neon bulbs aren't easy. Some you can manage to get from behind the dash under and beside the steering colum. Most of the time you have to take the front of the dash apart which is not a fun job. Being a 98

    you may break or split some plastic as you try to unsnap the front dash panels and plates. some are screwed in but most are snapped together. You may have to drop the steering colum to get the front plastic window out that covers all your gauges.

    Like I said " not a fun job" so good luke if you need any information or get stuck doing it , If you are going to try it yourself you can E-mail me.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fred M. Hunter


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