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Radio reception is poor in my new-ish car, AM and FM?

I have a 2007 Ford Escape and the radio reception is horrible, is there any way to strengthen the signal?


I have a 2007 Ford Escape and the radio reception is horrible, is there any way to strengthen the signal? I have a FM transmiter for my I-POD and I don't have a tape deck to use one of those cassett things. I was wondering if there was something I can put on my attena to make the signal stronger.

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    If it's a 2007 Ford then it should have an auxilary plug outlet to plug in your Ipod. You can buy a plug from places like Best Buy, Circuit City or Target. Also Crutchfield.com. It may be located next to the ac/cigarette outlet. Are you sure you have an antenna on the car? Maybe it fell off or was damaged because the radio reception should not be that bad if a proper working antenna is in place. You might want to contact a Ford dealer for further instruction.

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    Hey Emely,

    I am just not able to give you an working advice for I don't know how the fm / am supplies are in the place you are living but I can give you some hints.

    First check if another car better is receiving on the same place. Watch the antenna. If the anntenna is in the middle of the top it receives nearly equal to all directions. If the antenna is on a fender it receives best in direction from the middle of the car to that fender.

    If your car is very much worse receiving than the other I beliefe there is somthing wrong with your radio or your antenna. Then put on your boxing gloves and have a discussion with your car dealer.

    There is a possibility you simply put an rf-amplifier between the antenna and the radio, but that only will work, if radio and antenna is ok. But today the radios and antennas are so good for normal use you donot need such a thing. When I was young I made such a thing for Radio Luxemburg. It was a very small band amplifier for RTL only. It increases the signal of RTL and decreases the signal of all the others. Under normal circumstances you do not need such a thing. Put on your boxing gloves!!!

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


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    I don't know how to strenghthen the radio signal, but what you can do is get yourself a Sirius radio, since the idea to get good reception with Sirius radio is tune into a radio station that has a week signal therefore Sirius radio will come in crystal clear. Its $12.95 a month and if you love music, talk radio, comedy etc. you'll be all set. I hope this helps :)

    p.s. And please believe me I'm not promoting Sirius in anyway. I have one and its great, satelite radio is awesome, so have one installed into your car..

    John F


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    Call Ford, Ask Them if its a common Problem, if they said no, take it to your ford store. If the radio has a problem, it should be under warrenty. Otherwise, Why Not Try XM Radio, You will never get poor reception and you get coast to coast radio!

    Source(s): I want to work in satellite radio www.xmradio.com
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    You may want to contact the car dealership's customer support or a shop that specializes in radio speakers, receivers, and etc. Your receiver antennae may be broken. Another option you may want to consider is upgrading to xm radio. It costs you just a little bit, but it;s well worth it because the channels are awesome.

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    some where in the transmitter there is a place to put an attenta by one extra and take it apart put some sort of wire on it to extend it... those little fm things are great arnt they! well once you enhance it! oh and you can get the souter at a dollarstore!

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    just move up with us and get a CD player

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    yes get a intina for it or get a cd player

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