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If you had a choice, who would you pick as your starting Fantasy QB: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Brady has an improved passing game in Moss, Stallworth, and company.

Manning's offense has always been good and they haven't gotten any worse. As a matter of fact, the Super Bowl win may provide even more confidence for this offense and Addai looks like he may be a better back than James was.

Brees has weapons all over the place with Colston, Henderson, Bush, McAllister, etc., etc.

So, who would you want for starting Fantasy QB? Have fun......


Please give backup for your answers.

I'm curious as to what other Fantasy fans are thinking. Thanks.

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    This is an easy question to answer... Peyton Manning! He has been the single greatest fantasy football quarterback over the past five years, if not for ever. He has the consistency to lead a team, even to the level of someone like LT last season. This man holds the touchdown record in a season, but he does it by spreading the ball. He has at least four prospects that are fantasy ownable based on receiving alone: Harrison, Wayne, Gonzales, and Clark. Not to mention, Addai looks like he has the ability to be a feature back and is a great pass catcher out of the backfield.

    Now, to address something, I would not go for any of these quarterbacks on my fantasy team. Manning is great, and given the opportunity of having him staring at me in the second round, I would draft him in a heartbeat, but that will never happen. I am happy letting my QB spot remain open until people like Romo start coming off the board. Either that, or I might even stretch for Palmer, the quarterback you conveniently omitted from these quarterbacks, because there isn't really a top 3, but rather a top 4.

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    They are all 3 great QBs, i would say if you were going to take a QB in the first round ahead of a RB, the only one worth consideration is Peyton. Otherwise Brady should slip to the 2nd round, as well as Brees. Brady does have a great receiving core, but most of them are still trying to get used to the system and the man throwing them the rock. Peyton has had the same guys for a while now, and they all know each other pretty well. Brees is also a solid pick, but teams are going to key on Colston and Bush more this year, so we will see how they do with extra defenders on them. I would say if you are taking one of these QBs this is the order that you should take them in




    PS Dont forget about Carson Palmer

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    Traditionally, the team that wins the super bowl struggles the next year, and most of the time they fall short of making the playoffs. I don't think that will be the case for Peyton but I would have to go with Brady( Brees isn't really an option. He's good but Manning and Brady are the best QB's in football and both hall of famers) because of all his weapons. Tom has his share of struggles last year but look for him to come back strong and dominate this year. With a rekindled fire and better receivers, as u mentioned, the pats will run the table in 08 !!!!

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    I would say Manning. All the options, are of course, elite quarterbacks in systems that allow for the quarterback to succeed, but peyton is just the most consistent and best suited to his team. He calls audibles on the line, can read defenses like a book, and for the most part they work. Drew Brees is in an offense where the running game is more balanced with the passing game, and you cant blame the saints - they have 2 of the best running backs in the game, and picked up some talent at that position in the draft. The patriots are a hard team to predict, and belicheck likes to spead the ball around to many different players, so theres no one real hero on that offense.

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    You would never have this choice to make but you are asking just for fun so I say Manning to start out with but on a short leash with Brady waiting to spell him at any moment.

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    Brady. Brady is good when his top reviever is caldwell who drops passes when no one else is around. Now he has Moss. Thats the best receiver he has worked with and you can't get much better than that. i got brady and moss on my fantasy team. they will kick A**

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    Hmmmmm good question

    Not Tom Brady

    I would say Peyton because:

    I had him when he broke the TD record and i won that year!

    He has a great O-Line

    And he is just an all around amazing QB

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    You would be crazy not to pick Manning.

    While Brady wins championships, the Colts light up the scoreboard in the regular season.

    The Saints are probably due for a downturn after last year.

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    Any pick other then Manning just wouldn't be worth it. Manning is the only Q.B. that can put up numbers to compete with the top running backs.

    Think about the recievers in New England. They all want the ball and throw a fit if they don't get it. I see big problems in New England.

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    Brady......Just Pick Brady. And I'm a Charger Fan.

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