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Is this turn on normal?

I get turned on by enclosure, like when I see girls wearing tracksuits or all in one suits, but I keep thinking i'm wierd :( is it normal? Its like a comfort thing



midnite rambler - don't be so stereotypical, i'm just a normal lad

Update 2:

lotteda - I didn't ask for a clown

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    You mean like shell god that is weird.

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    Tracksuits (hopefully) give the impression of a lithe body underneath as well as health and fitness. Nothing strange about that, much nicer than some of the 'fashionable' stuff I've seen walking about lately. Bet it's impossible to get you away from the tv when track and field sports are being shown ;o)

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    Nothing wrong with you or your hormones!

    Sex is 90% anticipation, 10% the act itself!

    It's a mature male attitude. The hidden even when defined by a bikini is far more a turn on than a naked body for most males. They raved over Girls in Cat suits (the all in one) when they were high fashion (I remember it well)and most people you see in track suits (not those god-awful shell suits) are going to be healthy specimens not the stick insects with bumps, but no I haven't had a boob job types! (MY hubby calls them that).

    Take no notice of the childish minded who say you're weird!

    They'll grow up eventually!

    Whatever works for you as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else!

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    I should think you are not alone - when I think of all the men that drooled after women in cat suits and jump suits when I was younger. I think you just like a parcel to unwrap and like most of it hidden as thats more tantalising to you. If its not hurting anyone then I can't see that its a bad thing.

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    I never heard of a "tracksuit" but it's normal to be turned on by a woman by what you like to see them dressed in....

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    I don't think that is normal.Very strange,that you prefer your women covered up.As a child did your mom run around the house nude,So now you have a fear of nudity. Something happened to you to make you like girls covered up and encased in clothing.You feel safe if you can't see them.

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    Are you saying you fancy Waynetta Slob? She wears lovely tracksuits!!

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    I think you are quite normal but wait till you are alone in your bedroom before you let your imagination run away with you. Oh, and have a nice time.

  • Anonymous
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    Now its not weird you just like clothing that shows every part of the body

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    i imagine u r like 1 of those guys who likes to use his imagination and imagines what the girl/woman looks like it turns u on.

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