home made wine??

where in south carolina can i get home made wine??? i live close to florence south carolina, so any place near there would be awesome....thanks!


omg..if u don't have the answer to the question, why would u even post an answer? does any one else agree??

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    first of all, it isn't illegal to buy sell or give homemade wine or beer in the us, its just distilled spirits that aren't legal, second of all, most home made wine etc is for home consumption, so buying it is usually confined to people you know. try bringing up the subject amongst friends, or co workers, and see where it leads, if that doesn't work, go to a local supply or brewing store and brew your own, with a little practice you could be selling to your friends....

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    making wine is really easy what I would suggest is that you read up on it from an internet search then when you get ready to make it, follow the instructions exactly as you are given. different yeast produce different results and alcohol content. A friend of mine uses champain yeast for his beer and if you drink 2, you will see things. I have been making spirits for years and all of it has turned out well. I would urge you to make sure everything is spotlessly clean and use distilled water when you need to add any. Tap water will leave a disagreeable taste to the wine. also, wine can be bruised by mishandling. Most of it is light sensative and the bottles can explode so put them in a box, where they are temperature stable, and cover the top with another box incase they explode. some people use a wash tub in the basement if you have one. I always placed them in a small cellar made for that. the process it self is basically getting grape juice, (you can squeeze the grapes which is best) add the yeast to the firmintation chamber (I use a 6 gallon water bottle made of class) allow to ferment until it stops bubbling through the water gap prime with a bit of sugar and cap, store, age, drink enjoy

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    Actually, in the United States, it is illegal to sell, trade, or give away home brewed wine or beer. If that is what you mean by "home made wine" I am afraid it will not be easily found anywhere, South Carolina included.



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    I do not know any-one in SC so I cannot tell you where you can get it. But...

    If you go to this site it will have a locator where you can find a home beer & wine shop to get what you need to make your own.


    Good luck.

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    Sorry, I'm a Californian by birth and am use to doing my wine shopping around the Napa Valley, plus the wine making I was in on made it to state finals to receive a silver medal, some great stuff.

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