Why do people hate My Chemical Romance?

And I really mean HATE. I'm a massive fan and I just don't understand why ignorant people insist on throwing bottles at them and giving them such a bad press. I think that a few things need to be straightened out:

1. My Chemical Romance are NOT emo.

2. They do NOT endorse self harm.

3. Their songs do NOT all sound the same.

4. They actually put real MEANING into their songs- something completely alien to most modern music.

5. They are all very musically TALENTED.

6. They are NOT all about "the look."

I know some people are accusing them of "selling out" after releasing The Black Parade.

Grow Up! So they've managed to reach a wider audience- I think it's great that more people are hearing their music.

Millions of kids who are shoved to the side in school finally feel like they fit in when they go to a My Chem show.

I know I'm going to get some really hateful and stupid answers.

You are perfectly entitled to dislike their music, but blind hate is unforgivable.

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    I KNOW!!

    I'd rather them still be an underrated band than the whole world knowing about them but what can you do. I know every single person knows about "Welcome To The Black Parade" and it really pisses me off because they only like them for that reason! Also some people only like them because there "in" or Gerard Way is hott but i love them because of there music style and there unique songs and there "hidden song meanings".


    ~ Skylines And Turnsstiles is about Gerard's reaction to 9/11 because he SAW IT HAPPEN!

    ~ Demolition Lovers is about Gerard's feeling towards one of his earlier girlfriends


    ~ Headfirst for Halos is about Gerard's first show playing Peter Pan.

    I also think people should listen to there older stuff from I, Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge before making judgments!

    And i don't even accuse them of "selling out" either they change big deal! Just deal with it and shut up! I think The Black Parade shows just how much they have grown since the hardcore screaming and rawness of Bullets to the Zombies and rock hardness of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

    Its just not right and it needs to stop NOW!!!


    And did you know there comming out with a new cd??

    Its supposed to be a concept one after The Black Parade and i am SO EXCITED!!!


    ~ I, Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love is about Vampires, 9/11, Gerard and his girlfriend going through ups and downs.

    ~ Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is about Zombies, High School, WAR and Gerard and the bands hardships

    ~ The Black Parade is about the PAITENT WHO DIES OF CANCER! (THATS WHY GERARD DIED HIS HAIR BLONDE TO "BE" THE PAITENT) Gerard's Fears, Teenagers, Gerard loosing his girlfriend (Famous Last Wrods)


  • 4 years ago

    I Hate My Chemical Romance

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Before i start i am completely neutral i dont not hate them, but i do not like them or listen to there music.

    One reason i hate them is that every time i pick up a music magazine with them on it and attempt to read an article Gerard Way complains about how hard the album was to make and how it nearly killed, and how he doesnt want to be a big rockstar. Personally i think he should grow up.

    Another is there are now so many emo's or worse wemo's (wannabe emo's). They insist they are unique but so many cannot be unique. Also they may have written a concept album, many many bands have done that and one circling death is not that original, many bands have done that. I wont deny they are not talented, and sound fine at shows unlike lots of bands. My last point is that they seem to be so popular with the whole 21st centuary best songs list. they are NOT the best (not the worst either) but that just angers me because there is much better music. This is my opinions people are entitled to listen whatever they want and a lot of bands i listen to will make people go "they suck" or whatever but its my taste. These are just my opinions.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    oh my gosh!!!! i know!!!! my chemical romance actually have meaning and put thought behind they're lyrics!! they are anti-emo! when i listen to my chem, the last thing i think about is cutting my wrist! each song always has a deep and meaning full reason! no one gets that! my whole family thinks just because i love my chemical romance, that I'm emo, and i hate life, and I'm a vampire! and i agree with you, the black parade did not 'sell out' mcr!!! TBP is just more reason why to love my chemical romance! and if any mcr haters listen to or watch an interview with my chem they would see what my chem's goal is in they're band!!! every song has a bright ending. and mcr gives hope. mcr does not take it away. i know I'm not the most 'popular' person. but mcr gives me hope each time i listen to one of they're songs!!!! my chemical romance haters don't know what mcr have done to some people in a positive way! and if more people are listening and discovering, then more peoples lives could be saved! mcr is doing a good thing! with out mcr a lot of peoples lives wouldn't be the same. i know mine wouldn't! my chemical romance saved my life.<(i know it sounds pretty cheesy). and the same happens to millions of kids and teens and maybe even adults. SO MCR HATERS, LISTEN, AND RESPECT OTHERS Opinions!!! you don't have to like it, then leave it alone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not that type of guy to say "My Chemical Romance Rules and screw all you haters" Thats just being as clearheaded as the person who hates it.Yes I Love My Chem they are an amazing band with meaningful songs and a look so strong it could probally kill Calvin Klein but we dont have to brag about them.They are what they are and we as fans should leave it at that.Them being overplayed just means that The Black Parade is just as a Musical Masterpeice as Pink Floyds The Wall.In my eye's they dont play emo or alternative music, They play Muisc, and that's all.Some people may hate them with a passion and some otherwise.Another thing:How the F**k do there songs sound alike.Thats the stupidist thing i've ever heard.No song ever recorded on the face of the earth sounds the same,i dont care what artist it is.My Chem fans out there people who hate MCR is not a big deal.For example: We are the one's marching and them the one's dying.

  • 7 years ago

    Well, a lot of people hate a lot of people. Doesn't matter if they're good, nice, smart, etc... And we cant help that. Everyones mentality is different. I love mcr, they've been my favorite band for six years and counting. But when someone tells me that I'm emo for liking them, I ignore them. Because there are plenty of things I hate about them too, although I'm smart and decent enough not to say to their face. But MCR is about taking all that hate and rolling into a ball and throwing it as far away as possible, because you are who you are. People can say whatever about them, but we know who they are, and that's all that matters.

  • 1 decade ago

    We are not ignorant, just do not get what all the fuss is about. They clearly stand in the realm of the "It" band of the moment according to MTV and Myspace. They stand on the shoulders of giants and really have not created anything "truly new" music wise.

    1) If they aren't, they are thrown in the emo group anyways

    2) Good!

    3) Too a casual listener, it does. Hardly breaking any new ground

    4) Most modern music has some meaning, they hardly have cornered the market on that.

    5) Musician wise they are average, hardly top performers or the best of current bands

    6) If they are not into the look, why dress it? It is clearly a statement and how original all black!

    Guess the people of the U.K. don't care much for them either, cruel but true.

    My Chemical Romance played the main stage at the 2006 Reading and Leeds Festival—this was the largest show they have ever played in the UK. According to issue 221 of Alternative Press, they followed thrash metal band Slayer and were not received warmly by the crowd at Reading, as the band was subjected to heavy bottling. Large sections of the audience threw bacon, tangerines, golf balls, and bottles filled with urine at the group as they played.[30]

  • people hate them because there music is a bit different n has a meaning not like dance, rap and others that is just about 20 words all the way though but in a different order

    it is also by what they wear clothing and make up

    most of the people that hate them only do because they don't understand what there music is about but my chemical romance's true fans spend time listening to there music to find the meaning of each song

  • 6 years ago

    Look even tho my chem is now over,gone forever I don't see the point of throwing hate at them as none of this "they promote suicide and self harm" is true! Come one hey wrote a song about snowflakes on yo gabba gabba ! Their songs are all so perfect and all so different they have all been through a hard time so there is no reason to throw this much hate on them seriously come on what do u get out of this

    Gee forever💘💘

  • 1 decade ago

    I totally agree with you. If they hate MCR [how could you?] keep it to yourself. But seriously they're missing out.

    They are extremely talented

    They are sexy!

    They are amazing people who actually care about their fans and not the money/fame [that's why they kicked out Matt or why Matt left whatever happened]

    Their music is inspirational and unlike any other bands'

    Personally I like their old stuff a lot but their new stuffs still good and it's great they're more famous now...possibly a little overplayed which is a shame.

    I love them all [Frankie, Gee, Bobert, The Fro, Mikey] so much and I'm sad I can't see them when they come around this year but it's on my list of things to do before I die.....the only thing on the list...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    forget the other answers

    i might get thumbs down but i dont care at the moment.

    U ARE 100% RIGHT.

    altho i dont really understand either why people hate them

    its stupid.

    if they hate them so much why spend much of their life talking about it?

    if they hate it so much why spend so much time cutting in converstions saying things like "oh MCR totally sucks. they r such an emo band and ray, frank, and mikey play the same notes on the guitar in all their songs"?

    pplz probally go to the press to get their two seconds of fame.

    which i think is totally stupid.

    u r also right about them getting a wider audience and the kids who go to a my chem show to be theirselfs.

    hey, if anyone comes up to u and says "mcr music sucks" or something

    tell them "they're prolly better than u'll ever be. they have millions of fans and they play music b/c they love to play music."

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