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How do i reset the 30 day trial on a program?

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so it can be used again!
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There is a quite complex way to do so. Every program that you install in your computer, puts some information about it, in a special part of the computer the registry. If you have the trial version of a program, then, it will save in the registry, the fact that in one month, it will expire. There are two ways to reverse this phenomenom. The first one I've been told, but can't know for sure because i've never tried it so I can't know for sure. Someone told me that if you go to the clock in your taskbar, double click-it, change the date (put it in the last week for example), and save it, you will cheat the registry, that will think you can still use this program. The other way I know of, is more sure, if only you are lucky. There is a way to go to the registry. If you have windows, when you push the START button down on the left you will see an icon that says RUN... . Push it and this will open a new window. Write next to open the word regedit and then push ok. This will open the registry. When you have opened the registry, you can push the buttons Ctrl+F to your keybord in order to search through the registry. You can start searching with the program's name, or with other words connected to the program. When you find things on the registry that have to do with the program, you can right click them with your mouse and push the button delete. However, it's quite rare to find anything important by searching the name of your program. A way to find search criteria, would be to go to the C:\Program Files\(your program) and inside the folder right click the icons, go their properties and copy their description or name and search to find that in your registry. However you must be very careful!!! You may by mistake delete something important in the registry that has to do with your windows!! The solution that I propose to you however, is to search on the internet for a registration key for your program or for a crack. Don't mind if it's illegal. Besides what's more illegal, a Bushes goverment that kills thousand of people for oil, or you trying to your job? I wish you the best of luck. BYE!
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  • Laura Palmer answered 8 years ago
    Sometimes it is possible to use the trials on the same terms after reinstalling
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  • jamesmcmeechan@btinternet.com answered 8 years ago
    what programe is it might be able to bypass the trial to get the full version
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  • MadCatMk2 answered 8 years ago
    It is not legal to do so (in any way, such as registry tweaking)..
    So, I'll have to tell you to buy it...

    We're not supposed to be saying illegal stuff, right?


    Mah Brains
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  • xect answered 8 years ago
    buy it you cheap bastard!!
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  • How do i reset the 30 day trial on a program?
    so it can be used again!
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