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Would you rather fight as a Confederate Soldier or as A British soldier in the wars they fought against us?

Suppose you had no choice and you had to either fight as a Confederate soldier during the civil war or as a British soldier during the many wars they fought against us.

Keep in mind that the British did a lot of bad things too including raping and killing towns of civilians. I'm not saying that the confederates were better, but just keep in mind that the British weren't particularly nice either.

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    I would fight on the British side. I could not fight against someone that could potentially be my brother or to keep an institution such as slavery alive. The Brits fought to retain what they saw as theirs and remained loyal to the crown. The confederates rebeled against our very own system of government and attempted to form their own state which would have failed resulting in their eventual annexation back into the US. I would have fought for the Brits.

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    As far as I know the British aren't involved in any wars except maybe Afghanistan? The US are the ones getting involved in other Countries business not Britain. Cheers John.

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    Confederate b/c im a true Dixie and my ancestors fought in the Civil war as Confederate soldiers :)

  • Can I stay the Canadian that I am? We burnt down your White House you know? Or did you guys erase losing the war of 1812 from your history books?

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    I am British so i guess i would join in with all the raping we did and killing innocent civillians.

  • PSU840
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    British. The odds of survival are much much higher.

  • Mav
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    Confederate....several of my family were but then several were Union too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    war is hell ain't it ? Why not be a British-Rebel or a

    Confederate -Brit ?

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