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a question of terrorism or planned segregation.?

The whole idea of terror is to create a barrier between peoples,

In britain the philosophy over time has created a moderate understanding and acceptance of all peoples regardless of colour or creed or indeed relegion.

and furthermore in america and other western cultures this is so.

The terrorist,s tool is to drive a wedge between this ideaology and force segregation and seperatism between these factions.

They Want us in the west to turn against Other relegions such as Islam muslim ect.

They (the leaders of these terrorists)want to be dominant in their society,and will not tolerate other relegions,they convince their followers that all others are against their god,and should be exterminated.

If you look at other peoples within the western society,historicaly who live here EG Greeks Turks Chinese Indian to name just a few,it can be demonstrated that Britain and America Indeed have shown tolerance and acceptance to all,

We will not turn on them,Message to all terrorists...........

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Er ... is this a question?

  • celvin
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    1 decade ago

    the New World Order PROMOTES internal strife in a country as a matter of course.

    London got called Londonistan (or something) by the French because during the 90s the Government was letting in radicals to preach and organize.

    what could only have been the out come to such a policy other than an increase in radicalization among the Muslim population -unforeseenably?

    "There's something rotten in the State of Denmark" wouldn't you think?

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No it's not and we don't. We had a problem with the IRA for many years, but not so much now. The real terrorists are our own government. They are the ones that feed fear, spend all our money on "defence" programmes (plus obscene expenses), weapons, computerize information so anyone can access it, create schools that destroy natural expression and self regulation and teach disempowerment and slavery, change laws as they see fit and generally remove autonomy, free thinking and self assertion as it develops in children and think that our lives belong to them. Nazi Germany is returning and we are too stupid to see it because all the attention in the media is focused on "them" , "the terrorists" , "the threat" or witless TV programmes. Blame. blame, blame. We don't look at ourselves. So why are they doing it? I don't condone terrorism in any way - anger and hate only breed anger and hate - but what a lot of the Middle Easterners object to is how the West focuses on material gain at the expense of millions of lives elsewhere in the world. By destroying the planet just to move money and create fashions, we are creating and allowing enormous suffering and justifying it at every step. That's what they want to change and so the extremists are regarded as heroes in their own country. There is always yours, mine, Monday morning's and the unifying higher truth. The USA is the big perpetuator. They taught the Afghans, The Irish, the Khmer, the South Americans and probably every other major force of oppression. We live so unconsciously that a shake up is an actual wake up call. We need to completely restructure the foundations of our society and take responsibility for the effects we have on the world around us. Yes, terrorism is a big threat, but not how you've been taught to see it. Our own terror which leads to fear, hypocrisy and refusal to look at ourselves is the biggest threat. We create the terrorists. Inner peace is the only way to world peace.

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    I think the recent failed terorist attacks was more a retaliation to the war in Iraq by people who believe they can fight allied governments with destruction and chaos - the actual definition of terrorism is usually that a group seeks power by illegitimate methods and this can be said of jihadist but whether there purpose is to fill people with fear or dread is another thing thats ---did we ever say that the IRA purpose was to fill people with fear or dread...this sounds more like a right wing group speak and not these terrorists....but I commend your comments...

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  • Gypsy
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    1 decade ago

    I think you have missed a point. It is not about segregation of those who are different . It is about spreading Islam throughout the world. The mission is to eradicate Israel and then bring Islamic law to all other countries. The time of the European/Christian based dominance is ending. We are rotting with corruption and excess, we have lost our own system of values. We stand for nothing. The West has grown so fat and complacent that we are an easy target for a strong, dedicated people who have a system of beliefs and a collective goal. Look up Farfur the mouse on the New Pioneers children's program. It teaches little Palestinian children their duty. ( Just google Farfur)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I had no problem understanding what your question was and I can not express enough how fully I agree with you.

    In my opinion you have it spot on.

    The message to all terrorists from me is this

    You will not win. You will not divide and conquer or turn the people of the UK into lunatic paranoids running around killing and oppressing each other.

    We will find you and you will pay the price for your murdering actions.

    God save the Queen and God Bless the USA.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Totally agree with what i think your question is, I will not submit to these radical religions, and if they think our country will they are sadly mistaken Our faith is stronger than these's misguided brain washed idiots, they will learn the hard way and it will cost them dearly. I do think our government should consider at the very least life in prison with no hope for parole for these bombers, and their right to pray removed. I know this sounds a bit on the soft option, but as things stand in this country we can hardly expect the death penalty to be re-instated.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You ask a very good question. But, the question is, what do we as Americans what? Is it to preserve our way of life...our language, borders and culture? Or do we want to be afraid of what others think of us. Remember, as an American we all should strive to understand what's good for us, not what's wrong with us!

  • 1 decade ago

    {Do you not use "Check Spelling?}

    I find it difficult to live peacefully next door to people whose religion tells them they must convert me to their religion by force or make me pay them to be allowed to follow my own religion even while they force me to conform to theirs. They are fundamentalist Islamics who will not assimilate into my country's culture and demand that my country adopt their culture. I will violently refuse their demands.

    Other peoples and religions blend in after a generation, speaking the same language and following the same customs. But our PC government seems to delight in diversity or as many call it, Balkanization. A bunch of isolated communities, speaking their own languages, wearing their native dress, keeping themselves apart and all voting for whatever party panders the most to their interests.

    We can blend other cultures into ours through using the same language, laws and not treating every group with special consideration, but as equals. Message to terrorists: We will hunt you down and kill you until you run out of martyrs or cease your attacks permanently, whichever you choose.

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