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If most Muslims share the same worldview as Bin Laden, can we still call Bin Laden an "extremist"?

PEW Global Attitudes Poll.

I do apologize for supporting my position. Reality is ugly, so make sure to respond with unsupported wishful thinking, or if your Muslim, with propaganda.

Read all the PEW polls since 911 while your at fact, research PEW itself, see if I exagerrate when I say they are the best in the world in terms of reputation.

If most...again...most (as in majority) muslims share Bin Ladens worldview, than we cant really call Bin Laden and extremist, because theres nothing extreme about his views within his community. Maybe you can call him militant, but considering that almost all armed conflict worldwide is Islamic, you certainly cant say hes in a small club.

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    I'd say he was more of an overachiever than an extremist. What he believes is certainly extreme, as there is no position MORE violent and intolerant than his. That extremism is muted because so many agree with him, though.

    More would be like him if they weren't so lazy in their hatred.

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    Umm OK, are you SURE that it was Muslims answering all the polls? Or maybe people pretending to me Muslims to make them look bad? I certainly think Bin Laden is an extremist and a criminal and should be punished, and I'm sure many other Muslims do too. Those polls ARE inaccurate if they state that most Muslims share Bin Laden's views, because most, if not all, OPPOSE his views. Those polls must have been biased or rigged or something. Also take a look at who conducted the polls. Trust me, there is some degree of "lying" and exaggeration in them.

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    I will admit to only skimming the article, but I didn't see what indicates that most Muslims are in agreement with Bin Laden. I saw that most of them dislike America, which seems to be a commonality everywhere amongst all groups of people, and I saw that most people are against suicide bombing.

    Bin Laden's extremism goes far beyond just a hatred of America. It's the mentality that he is at war with all Infidels, and he will go to nearly any lengths to win that war. I saw nothing indicating the extremist point of view paralleling Bin Laden's vision. Sorry if I missed something important, but in the time I had, that's what I saw.

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    I disagree.

    Bin Ladin is a fundamentalist. People like him are just as busy killing "liberal" Muslims as they are killing Christians.

    Very few nations, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan are two, have adopted the Sharia Laws. Bin Ladin grew up with these laws. They made him what he is.

    You might want to investigate the genocide in Darfur. Both Christians and Muslims are being killed by a government that has embraced the Sharia Laws. Muslims because they aren't "muslim enough."

    If MOST as you say - supported his belief system then we wouldn't see Muslim women running around bare headed or in a hijab. They'd be covered head to toe. If you're very very lucky you might see their eyes. Men too have a required style of dressing.

    I pass a mosque every day. I see many Muslims there. None of them are dressed in the manner of one who has embraced the Sharia Laws.

    You know, only 7% of Christians are Evangelicals. But all of Christianity is assumed to share their fanatical belief system.

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    You have to realize that the US has to defend herself & Israel has to defend herself. So? We might be for peace but we will fight those who try to take our liberties away. That is war.

    And we do encourage others to be a democracy. One that abides by international humanitary laws. In these laws is the freedom to be the faith you want without threat of death.

    So? There is no way we can please most Muslims. Because we are damn if we do & damn if we don't. Because of the reality that you can falsely accuse the enemies of Islam for the cause of Islam too. And then the Muslims believe the false accusations more readily.

    Bin Laden is a Muslim terrorist. So are other Islamic leaders. The Muslim religious leaders are the ones who tell the Muslims to hate Israel & the West. And they can falsely accuse for the cause of Islam. In their religious books. Mohammad gave the OK.

    Just like when our US military helped the mentally handicaped children who were starving in the orphanage in Iraq. Muslims were caring for these children by having them chained to cribs starving to death. So, in the news Iraqi police & US military help these children. The Muslim leaders say that this isn't true, it is a set up video, we are liars and to hate the Americans, etc... Well? We aren't going to have false tapes of starving orphans being found out in an orphanage. But, the Muslim leaders have done false videos themselves, accusing Israel & the West, many times of doing evils to children, etc... But they have the right in Islam to do this (make false videos) if it is to further the cause of Islam.

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    The vast majority of Muslims are moderates and do not condone, support nor agree with Osama Bin Laden.

    you seem to enjoy "Muslim Bashing ", the new western past time and favorite sport. By doind so, you are showing that you are either a racist bigot or simply badly misinformed.

    may you find your path to enlightenment and, in your next life, may you be born a member of a religion that is misunderstood and depised so that you will learn.

    may it be well with you.

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    I lived in muslem international places maximum of my existence it is so humorous i by no potential found out that there is not any longer lots hype approximately Osama and that he's doing any undesirable or something no longer something like what it exchange into with salman rushdi years in the past??? Do u think of muslims SECRETLY see Osama as their hero??? he did what no person else would desire to do? it somewhat is bringing down us of a? yet it exchange into incorrect and it exhibits how missunderstood islam is interior the international

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    Most Muslims think that bin Laden is a looney.

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    America's politics threaten to injure the political,social and emotional stability of the entire world.

    I believe that a new system of goverment should be formed,so there will be no more political corruption.

    The main rule of this system should be :

    Everyone who makes a evil suggestion,should be eliminated immediatly.

    Won't the world be a better place,when everyone would be fearfull to say evil ?

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    i never met a muslim who liked bin laden but then again i never met all muslims

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