R U experimenting with God?

OR god is experimenting with u ?


If both are not correct...you are free to blast me... but give another good explanation, which i am waiting :) AUM

Update 2:

Yes badri your point is strong. I have been writing in my replies that Truth can not be read, cant be learnt, or taught.

Truth we have to experience ourselves.... and each one of us has the ability to find the truth.

Update 3:

Bigbang...knowlingly or unknowingly you wrote a great reply

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    yes I'm experimenting with Him

    to Know Him well and understand Him.

    Edit: well let me tell you that I have every right to experiment with Him. Even though He may like it or not. I know He'll allow me to do so.

    Edit: PRRRKRISHNAji mera charan sparsh sweekar keejiye.

    thanks for the wonderful explanation, but you know it and rishis know it but what about a small and ordinary man like me who wants to know the truth and Myself, I need to know it.

    When I asked some one they said it is in books and some one said it is in Gods love and all those things and when I read U G Krishnamurthy's speeches I thought that yes I was searching this, He said what is truth and Enlightenment no one is going to explain you, it you who need to find it out. As because Jesus, Buddha and others got it you can't use the same path. Further I went and asked ISKCON they said to know the God and truth there are only four schools through which you can find Him, and I further asked why these four why can't I take a separate path the road less traveled. Their answer was You may take it but there is no guarantee that You'll reach the goal. I thought I don't want any guarantees I'll find my own way and may be ultimately I may reach someone else path but still I want to search in my way.

  • Dear Sir,

    what type question is this from you?

    Who experiments with whom?

    You know pretty well, I firmly beleive that you know it,that the more subtle the matter becomes the more powerful it becomes.it acquires extra qualities some times extraodinary.

    For others sake, not for you sir , I say, Ice block,water, and water vapour are the same matter in different forms.

    But Ice Block is inert and has no power to move.when it turns into water it acquires power to flow and spread larger areas and so gains power of movement.The vapour of water most pure of the three is more subtle and can occupy many times the size of ice block and can penetrate into areas where water and ice can not go.so the more subtle the matter ,the more powerful it becomes.

    similarly our great Rishis in ancient times ,thought about the nature surrounding and the sky and planets etc and wondered the reasoned what could be the source of this.

    They learnt introspection and sat in meditation and first purified their minds and then with constant practice were able to make the mind more and more subtle and were able to gain extra ordinary powers.with these powers they travelled beyond earth , they could see the entire cosmos within and they saw planets ,their rotation ,their orbits etc etc.

    Finally these things never satisfied them and they went on introspection and meditation and finally realised that the very Creator is no where but within in themselves ans proclaimed Tatvam asi.

    Every thing that existd in the universe is divine.the manifestation of divine qualities may be in different quantities.the inert objects like rocks not exhibiting any thing, animals some movement and some extra qualities. man some more extra qualities.So the same divine is here and there .there is nothing but one thing in the universe.You call it God or any thing,.

    So when there is no second thing in the universe, sir, where is experimentation?

    It is an illusion.

    None experiments with none since there is only ONE THING and it can not experiment with nothing.

    That is my humble opinion , and i would be grateful if you correct my notion.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh yeah, always! I've learnt a lot with my experimentations. Like I'd read about how to feel closer to God, then I'd experiment with it to see if it really works. Most of the time it does.

    Yogi's are scientists. They experiment with the science of God and impart their knowledge of what they have learnt in sacred texts.

  • 1 decade ago

    Iam not experimenting with God which Iam unable to, but Iam Happy, experiencing God through this life. Experiment me for God is not necessary that HE knows every iota of me then what for one should experiment? Experiment is done by human beings for study of any unknown subject. In God's case, there is no subject for Him to lack knowledge. A potter knew how to make a pot (technowlegy of pot making) before the pot is made.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes God is experimenting with all of us, God has sent us in this world to work for Him & to be a part of his continuing running cycle to run the world, whenever he feels that he call us towards him to give some other duty.

  • 1 decade ago

    We are experimenting ourselves, seeking the Truth. Athma being a part of Paramathma we experiment ourselves to merge back / dissolve with paramathma. The platform is set by God and we are experimenting ourselves to get rid of the maya, seeking mother natures kindness to know the Ultimum.WE are experimenting ourselves, and are trying to explore the path thro prayers, yoga, meditation......... even thro different paths including ATHEISM.

  • 1 decade ago

    Imagine an enormous cloud made up of innumerable droplet of moisture. God is that cloud and every living being is a droplet. We fall on earth like rain or snow and after passing through life, evaporate into that cloud again.

    So how can a droplet experiment with the cloud? We are part of the cloud and the cloud makes up every part of us..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Both.I feel both ways. I will not say experimenting but say testing God if he is listening to me or is with me or around me.

    Both God and Devotees do sometime love testing each other. This is another kind of relationship.

  • P S
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    1 decade ago

    Only God is experimenting with me to see my truthfulness.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ignorant person does experiment to know something and god has no ignorance. Hence god has no need of experimenting. I am ignorant so I am experimenting.

    Source(s): Bhagvadgita
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