Whats the best 512mb pci-e graphics card for under £100?

Just looking to upgrade my existing card, have looked at a few but could do with some feedback from other people before I go and spend my hard earned cash. I will be using it for gaming.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thats a decent one which you should find for under £100 inc p&p

    Source(s): For that card under £100 go ebuyer.com
  • 1 decade ago

    theres not many pci-express cards for less than £100 but the ones avalible are quite good

    my personal favourite is the 512MB HighTech Radeon X1650 Pro (http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?Web...

    this is a great card with a great cooling set up,the iceq cooling system provides great cooling for the x1650 gpu running at a massive 600mhz and the memory clock of 800mhz

    The IceQ cooling system draws cool air from inside the case and exhausts warm air outwards. This prevents the fan from recycling warm air to cool the VPU, which increases cooling performance and lower the air temperature inside the case significantly.

    make sure your case can physically take this card as its quite large and wont fit in some small form factor and mini atx cases,however it will fit in standard cases

    and the price is quite reasonable ,a good pci-express upgarde for less than £100

    i hope this helps

    good luck mate!

  • 1 decade ago

    hi ron why dont u try ebay it has some great bargains

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