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where is the best place to holiday in South of France?

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    Everything depends if you want to enjoy nature, local culture, go to beach or enjoy the local traditions. As a place to stay, I recommend you to be near Draguignan. You are not far from anything. You can go to the beach in 40 minutes, Nice in one hour and Marseille in 90 minutes by car. Moreover, there are a lot of superb medieval small villages (Aups, Lorgues, Chateaudouble, Tourtour, Sillans, Bargeme, Bargemon, etc...). There are some tourist, mainly from North Europe but it is not as packed at the seaside or the cities.

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    It probably depends on your age and what you like to do.

    The Nice area is full of b&bs, bars,resturants, and a market place, all amenties are close to the beach & airport which is great.

    Antibes area is more oldy worldy, with lots of shops,

    & resturants and a very slinky harbour (money money money).

    Juan les pins - is a younger and flasher part, which has great beaches, expensive shops, resturants & nighclubs.

    I love the S o F and have been all over, I highly recommend it, although it can be expensive.

    Hope thats helpful

    BB x

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    Southern France is without doubt certainly one of the main impossible to resist places for vacationers. frequently the solar shines all year around and there are some mind-blowing places to flow to in South France. Southern France is the appropriate place to decide for a memorable trip holiday. Collioure is without doubt certainly one of the beautiful and picturesque places in southern France, this place certainly deserve a flow to. There the staggering sea is surrounded with the aid of beautiful mountains, you could relax on the innovations-blowing coastline-area and its outstanding harbor, and there are eating places alongside the coastline area to boot. There are 3 different seashores in collioure that are separated with the aid of fortress and church. it relatively is close to to Spanish harbor. Collioure is the appropriate place to flow to in Southern France. it relatively is without doubt certainly one of the main beautiful places interior the south of France. you could swim interior the calm serene water of collioure or hike on the beautiful mountains. besides this outstanding port has many paintings galleries. you will get excitement from swimming, trekking, flow to the royal fortress, church, the narrow streets, paintings galleries and would relax on the Mediterranean bay. Collioure is the appropriate place to flow to in Southern France; it’s the little effectual gem of France.

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    I would say Nice because there are so many things to do there like shopping, going to the beach plus it is a really nice area with lots of hotels/ cafes its also less than a thirty minute drive to Monaco and on the way there is a really cute hilltop village called Eze that I would reccomend going to ... lots of fun and so many things to do there!

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    Marseille, France is a great City in the South of France.. I recommend that you visit it if possible.. Here´s a link..

    Take care...

    Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona, Spain

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    I would recommend St Augulf, a small village close to St Tropez, lovely camping sites and not far from the flashy glitzy towns.

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    Port Gramaud - Its like a mini Venice and it is not as expensive to stay there (especially if you caravan it or camp)

    than the main resorts.Also I think it is a short distance from St. Tropez.

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    Fly to Bordeaux then bus or car hire to Carcans, wow what a place, check out

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    Any of the towns along the coast are good for a holiday. I liked Menton near the Italian border you can see it here

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    I like Villefranche. It's quite quiet, very pretty and close to both Nice and Monaco

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