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after contact numbers for ex wooden telegraph poles ,?

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    Try British Telecom. They must own millions of wooden telegraph poles still in use here in UK. They are slowly going over to iron plastic coated poles, but they're not in a rush because they will only replace existing wooden poles when they look beyond repair - past their sell by date etc.

    Stranger than fiction. One of my neighbours has got hold of a dozen or more wooden railway sleepers. I thought these things had all gone decades ago. But no, apparently, according to him, there are yard loads of them still waiting for buyers, some nearly 20 years old, but so heavily impregnated with tar they will probably never rot.

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    I don't think they'll answer, as far as i'm aware telegraph poles can't speak!

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    if you mean you want to buy used telephone poles...

    Contact your local electric company.

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    see classified adds in farmers weekly.

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