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Danish phrases of endearment?

Could someone please write out some phrases a lover (man to a woman) could say in Danish with their English translation? (eg. my love, sweetheart, darling, etc...)

Also, for words like darling, would the Danish say "my darling" or just "darling" in the sentence?


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    Hi lips,

    Richard's suggestions are not bad, however they're not quite correct Danish.

    Some of the most common terms of endearment would be:

    min elskede = my beloved / my love (you can say it without min too),

    min kære = my dear,

    min skat = my dear (actually treasure) - this one you can also say without min in front,

    min kæreste / allerkæreste = my dearest, (but kæreste also simply means boyfriend/girlfriend).

    It makes no difference with these words if they're said to a man or a woman, not gender specific.

    There are others too, but they are more unusual, and often people will naturally make up their own words just like everywhere else.

    I have heard people using words such as:

    min (lille) blomst = my (little) flower, (for women from a man)

    guldklump = gold nugget,

    øjesten = roughly apple of my eye (old-fashioned),

    min yndige pige = my lovely girl (naturally to a woman :-) ).

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    Hi! My fiance is Danish and I'm American, so I can't say many danish phrases yet that lovers say to each other, but here's some I can say.

    Jeg elsker dig =I love you

    Jeg elsker ogsaa dig=I love you too

    Jeg vil ha dig=I want you

    Min skat=my sweetheart

    Jeg vil ha din krop =I want your body (hehe)

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    I'm from Denmark and here are some cheese sweet things you could say to a loved one.

    skat=treasure, is the same as just saying darling or hon.

    min elskede= my darling

    smukke= beautiful

    du er en smuk pige=you are a beautiful girl

    Jeg elsker dig=I love you

    I really like = jeg kan virkelig godt li' dig

    please note the g's in Danish are soft

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    kaerlighed = love (for, of, to)

    min skat = my love, darling, sweetheart, my dear

    elske = love

    elsker = lover

    elske hojt = love dearly

    min elskede = my darling

    kaerlig = loving

    kaerestebrev = love letter

    kaerlighedspant = love token

    med mange kaelige hilsener = with much love

    forelske sig i = fall in love with

    yndling = darling

    kaereste = sweetheart

    jeg elske dig = I love you (this is correct not 'elske die'!!!)

    Note that in Danish where we have "ae" together they would be joined letters which you could find in MS Word click 'insert' then click 'symbol'.

    'med' pronounced 'meth' as in 'method'

    'jeg' pronounced 'yi' as in 'yike'

    'dig' pronounced 'di' as in 'dice'

    'elske' pronounced 'elsker'

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    it all sounds funny to me, i used to speak that laguage more than 30 years ago, now i can't even pronounce lest even, remember the correct words, typed here, OH WELL so much for nostalgia! cannot even hold a conversation in danish, with my brother when he visits!! so thanks for the language lesson here!

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    mig basse = my darling (one can use with or without mig/my as you choose)

    kæreste = dearest or sweetheart

    mig elske = my love

    Jeg elske jer. = I love you.

    Du er mig hjerte lyst = You are my heart's delight.

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    Jeg elsker dig = i love you

    not "Jeg elske dig" or "Jeg elske die"

    And the word "skat" would pretty much do it for any of those words you listen. And we could say "my darling" aswell as "darling" just as in english.

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    Jeg elske jer lige bacon sidst. = I love you like a bacon pastry! This is the ultimate sexy compliment.

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