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Should there be NHL teams in Europe?

Instead of NHL teams in places like Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Nashville and Sunrise, Florida, how about putting NHL teams in places where people appreciate the sport, like in Europe? Or at least, back in Hartford, Winnipeg and Quebec City and maybe now Hamilton. Has Tampa, Carolina and Anaheim winning the Cup done anything for the sport? No, those places haven't become hockey hotbeds. Dilution has weakened the sport and alienated true fans.

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    I agree with all of your points except the one regarding moving teams to Europe. Take into consideration the change in rink dimensions, style of play and travel. All would be major issues. As for the rest of your points, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! I'm sure there are some great fans in all of the cities you mentioned, but on the whole they don't care half as much as those in the other cities you discussed. Nothing annoys me more than watching an Atlanta or Nashville game and hearing "Offsides" or "Icing" coming from the loud speaker. "Don't they know what these things are?"

    The NHL needs to face facts that they are not a top 4 sport; its OK!!! Focus on those who truly love the game for what it is. Stop expanding to non hockey markets, and quit changing the rules to appease the casual fan who will be out the door once his/her team starts losing.

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    My suggestion-Don't. Point #1-There are already issues for teams travelling coast to coast and complaints of fatigue late in the season. The only way really solidify fan base is have a team there, and it doesn't make sense from a travel aspect Point 2- Focus on viable markets in North America and fix the ones that are problems, either move the team or contract the league and reduce the amount of teams. Hamilton,Kitchener-Waterloo, Winnipeg are all all areas that would support a team-I'm sure Phoenix is supporting the former Jets, ah, No! Nashville, another bust. Both Florida teams are struggling. Atlanta not doing to good. And you want to go to Europe? Point 3- Medical standards, could they be an issue- Look what happened in Russia a couple weeks ago. I'm not saying this is the case all through Europe, but to what extent to rinks have the required medical staff, and equipment on site. Sure, go to a professional football (soccer) pitch in Europe and it's likely loaded up. The hockey rinks? Point 4- Officiating- We've seen the difference in the officiating in the NHL and "tournaments". Will the NHL refs travel there for games. Will their union approve it. Many other minor issues, but these are major Cheers

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    Yea, that would be awesome to bring teams back to Hartford and Winnipeg. Europe on the other hand would not be good for players. The travel overseas would wear them out, Their play during the season would greatly drop and it would give people another reason as to why the sport sucks. Take the teams from Florida, Nashville, Pheonix, and other places that have no fan base and place them in cities where people are wanting a hockey team to play in their cities.

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    Not Europe (there is support but its just too far) However we should have more teams here in Canada.

    I can't figure out why we're trying so hard to 'sell' the game down south and trying to twist people's arms to 'embrace' the sport when there are so many rabid hockey fans up here in Canada who already love the game.

    Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec and even the Maritimes could all support teams easily. I say give Winnipeg and Quebec their teams back and possibly the other two as well.

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    not europe, the west coast teams have complained about travel alot already, imagine being a team in say boston that does the west coast road swing, ANA to SJ to VAN to CAL then back home for 2 games then off to England France and Germany (not to mention anything further east like RUS/CZE) for a "road" trip. The mental clock of players would be miserable, the travel expense would be insane and the quality of hockey would be terrible. Plus imagine the expense of the european teams traveling over here for games then back to europe for home games THEN RIGHT BACK HERE AGAIN. its an impossible idea. maybe a 2 division NHL where you have NA and EUR and the winner of each plays each other, but even that will remain a dream.

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    I disagree with the statement about the Lightning and Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup not making those locations hockey hotbeds. Both of those locations were close to sold out for the entire regular season lately and they have done a good bit for hockey especially since the Hurricanes came here from Harford.

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    I'd like to see that. Perhaps 8 teams there that compete for 2 playoff spots. Of course there are a number of logistic issues in playing a series where one team is in a time zone 8 hours ahead/behind of their opponent. Perhaps they would have to play in NA for the cup playoffs but it would indeed expand the NHL's fan base to areas where hockey is already known.

    It's so hard to develop fans when first you have to get them to understand the game and how it's played.

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    I wouldn't say Europe but teams should be back in Canada or Hartford.

    You have to consider the amount of travel time it would take to get to Europe, plus the time differance. Besides soccer is Europe's sport, not Hockey.

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    They complain about the travel just between the divisions, so I don't think they'll go for Europe.

    I'd love to see some games between NHL teams and Euro teams though. Isn't LA or someone playing in England as an expo next year?

    It would be interesting but I wouldn't hold your breath.

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    no because hockey is one of the few sports that north americans are kinda beast at. I mean euorpeans have cricket wich is way harder than baseball, and longer. Rugy wich is kinda rougher than football. Plus americans must be good at hockey if we beat canada at their own sport in the stanley cup, even though i wanted senators :) so it'll be better if we just compeate against the hard teams and not waste our time playing those in europe who didnt even do well at the worlds.

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