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Danish phrases of endearment?

Can someone please write out some phrases a lover could say in Danish with their English translation? (eg. my love, sweetheart, darling, etc...) Thanks!


Could you give the Danish words though please?

Update 2:

Specifically for a man to a woman.

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    min skat (my precious/ treasure/ darling)

    min søde (my sweetie)

    min elskede (my love/beloved)

    min kære (my dear)

    min kæreste (my dearest or my boyfriend/girlfriend)

    There's also øjesten ("eyestone") and guldklump (gold nugget), but they are more used for children. I can't think of any more generic ones. A couple will usually also use more gender specific words or endearments related to the characteristics of a person, make up their own terms of endearment or use whole sentences.

    Ven and lille ven (friend and little friend) as another answerer suggested can also be used, but you need to be careful with those as they can sound condescending. I know many who do not like being called ven as an endearment.


    Phrases from a man to a woman could be:

    Smukke (beautiful/beauty) or min smukke (my beauty)

    Min blomst (my flower)

    Min prinsesse (my princess)

    Du er den dejligste tøs (You're the lovliest gal) - this is more common language, I wouldn't recommend using it if you're writing a serious love poem. :)

    Other generic sentences are:

    Jeg elsker dig (I love you)

    Vær min for altid (be mine forever)

    Du er det dejligste jeg ved (you are the loveliest thing I know)

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    Danish Greetings Phrases

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    Aelskling (darling), lille vaen (little friend) kaere (dear) pronounced a bit like "share".

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