How can we protect our children from the vile peadophiles that prowl the internet?

Just had a look at my homepage and saw that a peadophile ring was caught by the police. How safe is the internet for children and should there be a minimum age limit on access to the internet. I always believe in freedom of access to information but you will always get these sick people who will exploit. Surely stronger measures have to be brought in to protect the children.

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    As a webmaster I can mention methods to check your child's computer and find if something they are doing worths your attention.

    - Enable "save chats history" in all messenger applications so you can access them later.

    - Download Google desktop. Google desktop is very good to browse/find all existing documents, emails in cache and chats as well. To find possible interesting stuff try to look for specific keywords like: sex, love, meet, kiss, date, go out, etc... use keywords that might be present in a conversation, email, word document, etc between your child and a possible pedophile. The most important issue that you need to take care of is "MONITORING YOUR CHILD'S BROWSING and CHAT'S HISTORY.

    - If you use Bellsouth they provide you with a tool "Parental Controls" to limit access for specific accounts on specifics services.

    - The other option is to use AOL's "Parental Controls" if you don't have a bellsouth account. This is free and would do the job, download it at

    - If you don't like the two options above use this free service which I heard is good.

    As a regular guy I can tell you that all the above is useless if you don't teach your child how to react and what to do if there are suspicious people trying to contact them. Teach your child not to share personal information with anyone, not to accept invitations from someone they don't know, to mention allways their internet activities, not to hide any secret from parents and the most effective method of all... is a good relationship between you and your child based on trust.

    Hope my answer helps ;)

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    People say that by sitting down and warning your children about it will prevent it from happening. WRONG. if anything this will make them want to go into chatrooms. (btw im 16 yrs old so i know what i'm on about). i can honestly say that i've only ever ONCE been in a chatroom (excluding MSN Messenger) but it was too much hard work setting it up and thinking of a name that i just got bored and cancelled it :P:P I've been on the internet since i was around 10/11 and to be honest i don't really WANT to go into a chatroom where there's loads of people just saying random stuff that doesn't make any sense :S:S but, as other people have said, changing the settings in the internet browser to block such websites will help (but if your son/daughter really wants to get on those chatrooms they will).

    All the people i know that are involved in those chatrooms are just part of it for something to do and none of them have any want to meet up with anyone or such lark.

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    I work in a school, for all the filtering they use iffy web sites still get through. EMBC filtering are good so is the search engines filters, but, as a science tech, I did a search for an old piece of science equipment for A-Level physics, imagine my surprise and shock when a link lead directly to a LIVE sex show. Needless to say this was immediately reported to the ITC Dept. who immediately 'blocked it at school level and informed EMBC to investigate, and subsequently block the site.

    I've found one on smoking that is now used in guidance, and several others that are use in various subjects throughout the school, adult supervision is essential to help to try and protect children, while the freedom of the adult is allowed to be maintained to view whatever they choose provided it is legal, whether morally ethical or not.

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    protect children vile peadophiles prowl internet

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    In Islam the children have rights upon their parents and the parents have rights upon their children... i'm a Shia'a muslim from Bahrain... i'm not going to overrate, not every muslim can protect his children... but the ones that r truly applying the rules of Islam r able to control thier children... why so ? Islam puts the parents in the second place after God... and one of the greatest sins in Islam (after adultery) is to disobey the parents. prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) says : "The heaven is under the mother's feet" so if u want to go to heaven kiss ur mother feets. Islam foucuses on the matter of respecting the parents and obeying them so much...that even God will not be pleased with u until ur parents r ... on the other hand children also have rights upon thier parents and u can search about that... to sum up... Islam is the prefect universal plan that Allah has made for his slaves to live in peace...and to get the happoness of this life and the hereafter...

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    The internet is like the real world, there are good places and bad places. The child's parents need to supervise their children just like they do anywhere else. There is no magic childsafe internet. There are things you can do to make it harder for children to get to dubious websites, but there are always around those blocks (especially as children tend to be more knowledgeable about computers than their parents) The safest thing to do is just to teach them how to act responsibly (you can't shield them from the world forever)

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    Its impossible to protect them from the internet unless you dont allow them on the internet. Just increase your firewall settings so you cant access the internet and tell them the internets not working and the repairman is coming round next monday.


    To camseid

    Im sure the peadophiles that roam the internet will be more than happy to tell you the thousands of websites they prowl so you can type everyone in the privacy tab.

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    There are many different ways to address this including, education, software filters, ISP configuration, Operating System Configuration.

    The one that I like the best is placing the computer in a communal area and telling the children that I can monitor which sites they have visited and that I can record everything that they type - works for me. :-)

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    I don't think an age limit is the answer.

    Parent control is essential.

    Parents need to stop letting their kids surf the internet unattended.

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    Education is the key! Inform them and let them watch the predator stings that come on tv. Monitor their activity. Talk to them about making smart decisions. And tell them it is a no no to meet anyone they don't know in person.

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