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dating my best friend boyfriend friend?

I just started dating my best friend boyfriend friend(they are best friends too)The thing is i don't really know how to handle the situation if me and the guy im dating break up or if my best freind and her guy breaks do i handle the situation should we set ground rules or should i handle the situation.i need help.thanks


i just need help on how to handle the situation in general

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    Well, if you think you're going to break up with this person, why date them? That just baffles me why people go into relationships they aren't sure about or just want sex or something. pfft

    Anyway, I guess if you broke up with that person and it wasn't very long term, it shouldn't be bad if you're around them sometimes. (Depends on the situation and everything in between) But if you do have a bad bread up experience just avoid them at all costs or learn to deal with them, because they will be there and you can't do anything about it. They have the right to breathe as do you.

    If you're best friend breaks up with her boyfriend, that shouldn't be as bad. Just don't like cuss him out in front of your boyfriend or anything.

    Should go fine. If you're young, you'll get over it quicker than if you're like 30 or something.

    Trust me girl, this willl be the least of your adult worries. Just take a deep breath and it'll be ok.

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    Set up a "girl code" with your friend and work out a "no hard feelings" rule for if someone breaks up, so there will be no worries ;)

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    There is no situation to me. date the guy if something happens between u and ur man/ if somethin happens between ur friend n her man your friendship should be more important yhan who breaks up with who first. Just go on and have with ur man/friend while you can

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    ok first of all why did you date your friends bf i think you relly shouldn't have done that thats just plain wrong and does your fried=nd know this if not tell her i mean this thing could break up your friendship and i think you should break up with him if your friendship is important if not don't break up with him

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