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Turkey - Alanya, Marmaris or Side?

I'm thinking about booking a holiday in Turkey for my girlfriend and I for the start of July. I'm undecided about where to go in Turkey - the main resorts seem to be Alanya, Marmaris and Side but which is the best? What are their respective strengths and weaknesses? I'd ideally like to go somewhere reasonably relaxing, but which has enough bars, sights, etc not to be boring. The less beer boys the better though! Also, is it worth going to Turkey at all, as I've heard a few things about women being treated badly, dirty beaches, etc. Thanks!

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    I know you didn't mention it - but how about Kusadasi?

    I went there a few years ago, it's not as touristy but has everything you are asking for - it is beautiful, right on the Aegean Sea.

    There is so much to do, we were busy everyday and that included relaxing time!

    If you go - you have to see:

    * Pammukkale (Cotton Castle) one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey, and bathe in Cleopatra’s Pool with its hot, natural, mineral waters

    * I would highly recommend visiting Ephesus when you're in Kusadasi. The ruins of this city from believed to be as far back as 3000 BC are absolutely amazing. It's highly photogenic and I can guarentee you'll be taking lots of photos. There is so much history and information behind some of these ancient buildings that I'd advice you to do a little bit of research on Ephesus before you actually go there. (Then you'll appreciate it much more.)

    Ephesus is located 18 km away from Kusadasi and it may be reached easily by Kusadasi- Selcuk minibuses. But it is advisable to visit this eye-catching site with the professional guides provided by the agencies of Kusadasi. Contact: http://www.kusadasi.net/historical/ephe

    * Visiting the house of the virgin Mary is definately a must when you're visiting Kusadasi. It is believed that Mary went to Ephesus and stayed there for some time until she died at the age of 64. It's a truly facinating place to visit, whether or not you have any belief in religeon or spirituality. This tiny chapel (which according the story was transformed from a cave after they realized Mary's corpse was missing) is thousands of years old and being near it knowing that it was around at that point in history was unbelievable, for me. That was the same with all the architecture that I saw in Greece and Turkey. The chapel is made entirely from stone in Roman architectural style. Pope Jean-Paul II declared the shrine of the Virgin Mary (found near the exit of the church) to be a 'pilgrimage place for all Christians'. Every year on August 15, a ceremony is held at the chapel to celebrate Mary's assumption.

    * Guzelcamli National park.. Guzelcamli is 30 km from Kusadasi and there are regular mini buses to the park.. The park itself is isolated and under protection... A true nature paradise.. The beaches in the park are best places to swim near kusadasi and when you see the water you will learn what "Crystal clear" means.. The park is called as "Kalamaki" by the locals and an ideal site to spend a lasy day..

    * The Grand Bazaar is only a 5 minute walk from the Kusadasi harbour, where the boats dock and a great place to go shopping. There are over 4,000 shops of a variety of things: mostly clothes, carpets, souvenirs, pottery, watches, etc.

    * Aqua fantasy has got to be in the top 10 water parks in the world and it has everything you need for a fantastic day you will always remember. The park is located just 20 mins from Kusadasi (Nr Ephesus) plus they run a free bus service to and from Kusadasi.

    * Cave of the Seven Sleepers - early in the Roman Empire, the Christians were in conflict with the Romans, because those Christians did not wanted to sacrifice animals at an imperial temple. They were put in this cave, and legend has it that one morning when they woke up, they realized that they had actually slept for 200 years, instead of just one night, and that Christianity had spread to all corners of the Roman Empire. When they died, these seven men were buried here. Rumor has it that Mary, the mother of Jesus is also buried here.

    * Visit the ancient site of Pergamon. The ancient site of Pergamon is one of the finest in Turkey. The city was a great centre of culture and was a rival to Ephesus. It was here in Pergamon that parchment was invented when Egypt suspended the export of papyrus.

    * Efeze: Here you can see the remainings of an old town.. From Kusadasi it will only take short while to get there. Be aware of the heath. It is sooo hot there, wear a cap and take a bottle of water.

    It really is great - there is so much more - have a look at the links - we even went to Samos - Greece for a day trip, rode a banana boat, sun-bathed, had a Turkish bath and shopped as well!

    Hope this helps


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    Go to Marmaris; it is much quieter yet the party areas are easily accessible compared to Alanya or Side- which are quite cosmopolitan. The bays nearby are magnificent and there are daily boat tours where you can go and swim.

    Our beaches are quite clean compared to the other Mediterranean beaches ; quite a lot of blue flagged ones . As a Turkish women, nobody can treat me badly. The domestic abuse rate is a lot less than the ones in Europe and US. Don't believe everything you hear. Come and see for yourself.

    Have a nice holiday.

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    Marmaris is the place to stay, We have been to a lot of resorts in Turkey, but have never been tired of returning to Marmaris. It is one of the cleanest resorts, with whatever you want. Quiet or Hectic, there is an area (Bar Street) where it is noisy, but no Hotels near to it to be annoying. Hundreds of restaurants and bars, but if they get too noisy, in areas where Hotels are, the police come and close them for a couple of days. Shopping is reasonably cheap so don't take too many clothes with you as you can buy what they call "Genuine Copies" (they have no copywrite laws, and make copied designer gear at a fraction of the normal price - most of it is of excellent quality). The beach is narrow in parts, but providing you buy a drink from the beach bar nearest, the sunbed comes free (other areas you only pay a small amount anyway). If you like a walk, you can stroll along the waterfront paved way to Icmeler takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on your walking speed, or how many times you stop off to eat or drink from the restaurants and bars on the way. Local taxiboats or Dolmus' (minibuses - Means stuffed) are cheap and regular to visit other villages, (If one goes past you and is full, the driver radios through and more are set off on the route!), No problems with timeshare touts, like all resorts they have staff on restaurant entrances trying to get you to use their premise, but they don't pester you if you tell them you have eaten or don't want to eat yet. There are numerous trips even to places like thumbelina mentions, with added ones to places such as Turtle Beach or the mudbaths (where the film African Queen was filmed). Turkish prices have gone up due to their entry into the E.U. but are still reasonable, and most traders will take pounds/dollars/euros etc rather than their own Turkish Lira, and will give you a far better rate of exchange for this (they save it until the exchange rate goes up in winter). Wherever you go, barter or look around for cheaper prices even play one trader against another ("I can get it for xxxx round there"). Enjoy your holiday

  • marmaris everytime i lived in and around turkey for 18 months and ended up staying on in marmaris cos i loved it

    the turkish guys do like to try it on but they wouldnt dream of it if a girl is with her bloke as people they are fun loving and non confrontational

    marmaris is cheap and relaxing but there are lots of lively places nearby

    if you do go dont be wary of the beach sellers selling trips usually abroad theyd cost you an arm and a leg but it is ridiculously cheap it will cost you at most a tenner for a boat trip that includes breakfast dinner drinks and stops off at the mud baths which are amazing turtle beach and a market and is aboard a truly amazing yacht

    also if you are shopping there ALWAYS barter with the shop assistants they set prices high so they can be talked down

    ive been to alanya side and marmaris they are all lovely but marmaris always stuck with me for its culture and the people are excellent

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    Hi There,

    I live in Side. It is relaxing here but there is still plenty to do and bars and stuff to visit. The beaches here are lovely .Marmaris is quite a hectic resort so there will be plenty of beer boys there.

    If you want to ask me anything else email me




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    Marmaris every time. Iv lived and worked in Turkey for 14yrs.

    I built a house for myself in the area

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    marmaris is nice but is a very cosmopolitan area of turkey & so not really for couples.

    Try oludeniz it is really beautiful,especially the lagoon. lots to do there including paragliding,so you won't get bored. nice bars & restaurants but not too lively a very nice place for couples (your girlfriend will love it), me & my fiance (who is turkish) had our first date there. Trust me alot of the turkish men are nice, so not all the stories are true. And turkish people are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

    enjoy your holiday where ever you go.

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    Go to Side! I was in Side last month and I was very pleased. In July will be very crowded. U can establish your headquarters in Side (u can see in side Apollo Temple) and from Side you can go to Alanya ( large amphitheater - it is still used), you can go with boat. also I recommend Antalya, the city, the old harbor, the old town. Managvat waterfall. Advice : "the prices are very high in Side, better buy in Managvat, on the road to Managvat it is a shop "Shoping Center" - large banner with good prices. Nice Hollyday. Please write as about your experience. Bye!

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    oren, (o has got dots on it) been there last year felt like pure anadolu, beautiful beach, very clean air, only 2 bars were there and they make their own wines, only trouble you may get bored after about 5 days, as I did, part from that I would say Bodrum which you are already going also try ayvalik if you haven't been there yet I think it would be more suitable for you...have a lovely time..

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    If you can book somewhere else i strongly recommend Antalya - Kas Peninsula. It is a beautiful place and for sure you won't get bored.

    If those 3 are your only chance then i can say Side is the best - quite, lots to see etc.

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