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Questions about traveling in Europe. Mainly France, Italy, and Greece.?

I'm trying to learn to speak the languages but if i use a self-made cheat sheet do you think they'd mind? Are there any useful phrases i should know. I'm going to be there in July are there any holidays that I should know about? Are there any cultural differences I should know about? And anyting else that might come in handy? Just so that you know, I'm travelling with a group of students so hotels and meals are provided for. ^_^ thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    Nah, they won't mind, they will probably pleased that you at least make some sort of effort. Make sure you write your hotel name, phone number and address on it as well.

    Here are the phrase that I think are the most necessary:

    Good morning/afternoon/evening





    thank you

    excuse me

    Do you speak English?

    I don't understand.

    count 1-10

    where is the toilet?

    Where is?

    turn right/left/straight on

    I would like to pay.

    I need a single/double room.

    How much is this?



    days of the week

    how long?

    at what time?

    What time do you open/close?

    Do you have a ...?


    I need a doctor/dentist

    can you help me?

    I am not sure about Italy and Greece but the only holiday in France in July is Bastille Day, the national day on 14 July. There are usually many festivals etc. It is also the day that most people start their holidays. Paris becomes more or less empty and the beachs in the South become crowded.

    Don't speak loudly in English amongst yourselves, you will stick out as tourists more, and in big cities, you are more likely to attract the attention of beggars and pickpockets. If you go into a shop, you should say hello and goodbye when you enter and leave. The Greeks do the opposite of the English speaking nations when they shake their heads yes and no. Be careful with taxis in Greece they have a reputation of taking tourists to places they want (a friend's hotel, restaurant, etc.) rather than where the tourists want, happened to my grandparents when they were there though that was some years ago so I don't know if it is that much of a problem anymore.

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  • 4 years ago

    Flying from Italy to Greece commonly may not be a main issue, they're normally lovely lazy approximately checking for that variety of stuff in Italy (I say normally seeing that this is not continuously the case, frequently they do verify). In Greece, they're a lot more strict, nonetheless. I do not understand how you intend on getting out of Greece with out being stuck for having overstayed your allowed time. The first-class in Greece for overstaying the ninety days is presently set at one million,two hundred euro (sure, I for my part understand a quantity of individuals who've been stuck on the airport and had been required to pay the first-class). Keep in brain the ninety days is for the whole Schengen zone, to which Greece additionally belongs, and consequently the professionals in Greece have the whole proper to detain and first-class you as immigration manipulate sees have compatibility.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When I was in France and Italy, I had very little problems communicating because most people spoke English. Just be careful because the French are very communicative and they find it rude if you don't make an effort to make small-talk. Italian men love to compliment women by calling them "bella." Sometimes they may even follow you. Also, in Italy, you have to watch out for pick-pocketers. They mostly come in the form of gypsies and their kids. Don't let anyone see you put your money or passport away because those gypsies will steal it. I saw it with my bare eyes while in Rome a few years back. They're very slick.

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